Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas at CrossRoads

What a blessing to serve at such an amazing church who is willing to do whatever it will take to bring others to Christ! The last three weeks of "entering christmas" have been extraordinary-I have been so honored to have been a part of it all.
I am so excited for this weekends Christmas Eve services! They will be exciting, as well as meaningful.
Thank you Lord for sending Your Son for Us. We celebrate You!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Having only been engaged for 5 months and being married for one-it meant it was time for us to send my ring back to Robbins Bros. where Jared bought the ring to have it checked for our warranty.
Let me tell you-it is a scary thing to send your engagement ring across the country!

Everything went fine, and I finally got my ring back today! However-DHL the delivery company was supposed to have a "signature required" as it says on the package. Naturally. I came home at lunch time and what did I see? THE BOX SITTING AT THE FRONT DOOR!

Maybe Robbins Bros. wants to re-consider who they ship through...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Raking and then Running

Sunday after church we had our very first


as Fuel Student Ministries

What was so cool about it was that the event was not a fundraiser. It was simply a chance to be Jesus to others. And you know what? 30 jr. and sr. high students showed up while it was SNOWING to rake yards for people they didn't even know!

It was an awesome time and Jesus again showed us that He is the coolest ever!

Wedding Pics...


So What are YOU thankful for???


-peanut butter
-bbq sauce
-Rice a Roni
-A car
-The Price is Right

Friday, November 17, 2006

For the MOON

Just a few pics from the honeymoon-in Gatlinburg TN-where we had our own little cabin in the woods! It was pretty amazing!
The pics are from:
1) our cabin
2) in gatlinburg in a giant chair
3) hiking in the woods
4) the dixie stampede

Monday, November 13, 2006

Three things I am truly thankful for:

1) Grace found in Jesus Christ

2) My absolutely incredible husband JARED!!!

3) The opportunity to serve at CrossRoads

Friday, November 10, 2006

Slow Down...

I think each person should be reminded to do this at least once a day. Not once a week, or once a month. We all need to just slow down.

Life is far too short to rush through it all.

It's in those moments when I slow down enough when I hear God's voice.

It's in those moments when God's Word becomes real to me.

It's in those moments when I remember my first love...Jesus...

It's in those moments when I discover who I truly I...Because I see more of who God is.

Today I'm slowing down.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Married for Life:

What an amazing feeling after 25 years of praying, 2 years of friendship, a year of dating, and 5 months of planning-Jared and I are now husband and wife. And I couldn't be happier! This is now how life is for both of us...and I look forward to loving Jared more and more each day and each year we are alive here on this earth.

We had the most incredible wedding in the world-most of all because we were blessed by God's presence and the presence of our friends and family-so many who flew here from around the country (and a few from Canada too). We wouldn't have changed a thing about anything!

Jared and I are just amazed at how blessed we are-by each other, and by those supporting and loving us. Here are just a few of the amazing pictures Emily's husband Andrew took at our wedding: and we just went through a HUGE stack and narrowed it down to 104 pictures...yikes!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

our engagement pics

10 More Days!

So here's the deal,

Jared and I get married in 10 days...pretty much that is the coolest thing ever!

Our friends start getting here in less then a week-which means I'm trying to get everything completed for work before they get here...

I can not wait to see my friends and get married-and I've been thinking recently about how quickly it is all going to fly by.

Before we know it, Jared and I will be another married couple in the world. Our party will be over, and everyone will be focusing on someone else. Not that I am desiring more attention, because I am not...However, it just puts life in perspective once again.

I can not imagine a more incredible person to spend my life with. Every day Jared amazes me more and more. I delight in knowing him and being known by him. He is one of the most amazing men I have ever met in my life. Thank You Lord for such an incredible blessing in my life!

Thursday, October 5, 2006


Well, Jared and I are getting married in just over 2 weeks! WOW! Praise the Lord that it is so close! Our 5 month engagement has gone by fairly fast thankfully-I am really glad it wasn't any longer then that...I don't know how people can be engaged for a year or more-GOO!

Not only am I thrilled beyond belief to become Angela Amerine-there is just so much that entails the happiness and joy I find in that honor.

Jared and I are also becoming overjoyed at the thought of seeing our family and friends again who live across the country from us. I am particularly excited to see Mom, Ryan, Jesse, Janelle, Melissa, Sari, Dan and Annette, Papa, and the Zahnizers. I am doubting I will sleep much the week of the wedding, but hey-you never know:)

Personally as the Bride, I am finding myself more humbled every day that Jared would select me and ask me if I will be his bride for our entire lives. Life with him gets more exciting everyday, and I delight in seeing him be the man God has made him to be. I feel undeserving of Jared's love-and that is because i am. Some people try to convince me otherwise, but I know that there is nothing I have done to deserve unconditional love. And it reminds me so much of Christ and His love for us. I do not deserve the unchanging love of Christ-and yet He offers it so freely! Thank You Lord!

I am so thankful now for this opportunity to experience more and more of God's love in my life as Jared and I come together to become one in just over 2 weeks!
I Have Been Blessed by:

~Seeing Jared everday and planning our wedding which is in 2 weeks

~Finally seeing my Best Friend Emily almost every day again after 3 years of not seeing her more then a few times a year

~My parents opening their house to me before I get married and just watching tv or hanging out with them

~Being able to see my bro and sis and nephews so much more!

~Mark and Mary Cryderman who have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable here

~The Jr. High and Sr. High students here who make me laugh and feel appreciated

~A wonderful church body-as well as church building facility to do almost anything in!

~The awesome place that Jared already moved into!

~The great people who have been so kind and supportive although they do not know us that well.
Things I miss about CA:

~I miss walking into Jared's house, and spending hours keeping Jesse from doing his homework.

~I miss when Robert was friends with me and we would sing "Here I am to Worship"

~I miss singing with Ryan every single Sunday and not even having to plan out or think about who is going to sing what part

~I miss all my roomates: Janelle, Lindz, Sari, Liz, and Carina

~I miss going to Classic Coffee with J

~I miss getting $20 full pedicures

~I miss the students in Long Beach-especially those in Jr. High

~I miss Melissa asking if she can randomly stay the night at my place

~I miss Sandra and Rebekah and their smiling faces and listening ears

~I miss the close access to the beach, mountains, Disney, and a lot of other things

~I miss going up to Livermore to hang out with Jared's fam.

~I miss when my roomates would jump on me to wake me up.

~I miss watching movies with my roomates on the big blue couch

Wow-I guess I'm feeling sentimental right now...

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Van Blocks our Way Home!

So here we were, making great timing back from Niagara Falls...Jared driving-dad in the front, and me and mom in the back. We were in an area where they were doing construction on the south bound lanes, so the traffic was all in the northbound side-a lane each direction...we were still moving at a pretty good pace...when traffic stopped...completely...for a long time...
After about 15 minutes of waiting by our car, we saw there was a broken down aerostar mini van (much like the one pictured) about 15 cars ahead.

Of course, traffic was now backed up for miles and didn't look like it was going to move any time soon-remember, there is no way anyone can get around this van because there are cement barriers on either side of the lane.

So Jared and I decide to venture up to the car to see what the deal is-plus Jared is a genius and knows lots about cars.
Turns out that for some reason the van was placed into park and was stuck in it! There was no way to push it or anything! A truck driver was in the front seat trying to help fix it, and my wonderful fiance decided to poke his head in to work his magic. Not more then a few minutes went by (and I'm convinced with Jared's help), the car was finally out of Park! Jared and I ran back to our car-only to find my parents visiting with the surrounding cars as everyone was chillin out in the lane...

Good times...

Niagara Again and for the first time...

We just got back from a quick trip to Niagara Falls where my grandparents live. Jared, me, and my parents traveled up there on Friday right after work...of course not without a huge ordeal of driving over a used needle (syringe style) in the Meijer parking lot...Jared coming to save the day, and us ending up having to drive up there with the Focus...

One of the great things that happened was that instead of us having to get a hotel (which is just complicating since we are not married yet), we were able to stay at a friends house which is not far from my grandparents. We all had a blast-the many stops at Tim Hortons...and Jared seeing the Falls for the first time...and for me, though I have been there many times before, standing there with the man I am about to marry in just over 6 weeks was the most incredible feeling in the world! It was especially exciting because this was probably the last trip we will take before we get married-so next time-we don't have to worry about rooms and all that stuff:)

Yay for Niagara Falls and my grandparents and my parents and JARED!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What do you do when...

So for those of you who go to CrossRoads and were in church on Sunday-hopefully you remember a story about a girl named Sophia-my relationship with her-the hardships she had...

She just sent me a e-mail telling me her dad (foster dad) is in a coma...and she has been placed in a new home...

I plan on staying up most of the night praying...for her, her 3 other sisters, and her dad...

Monday, August 28, 2006

7 WEEKS AND 4 DAYS!!!!!!!

It's true and I can hardly believe I will be the bride walking down the aisle to the man I will spend the rest of my life with. God couldn't have planned it any better!
I still can't believe we are counting in weeks now! Pretty much most of the plans are all in place...photographer...reception the minister;) Jared and I are priveleged to have my dad perform our wedding ceremony for us...Jared and I manage to spend plenty of time together and just enjoy each others presence. In the midst of starting up youth group and moving and everything else-God is just holding everything in the palm of His hand and things are not too overwhelming (though I may have my moments).

We are so excited for the wedding (yes:) But even more so...for it was created by God-meant to be a symbolic representation of Christ's love and relationship to us.

Now all I have to do is learn how to sign my soon to be new name...

Angela Maureen Amerine
Change, Change, and more Change-it's all good

I have quite a few friends who totally struggle with change in their lives...change of any kind. What I've come to realize is that change is just a part of life...everything around us constantly changes...everything except Christ that is. So I've made a resolution with myself...I will embrace change my entire life through...whether it's moving, or turning another year older. And I rejoice and embrace in the unchanging God that I love and follow!

So with the many things that have been going on-this is why I have not updated my blog in forever:
July 20 marked my last day working at Light and Life Christian Fellowship-man I still miss those Jr. High student!
July 21 I had a wedding shower at RB's! Janelle and the girls did an amazing job and it was a really fun time with some great friends! Man I miss them too!
July 22-24 Jared and I visited with his mom before we moved out here to Michigan. We definetly miss her.
July 24 Jared was baptized by Steve Gerali: a very personal and wonderful time celebrated by me, his mom, Jesse, and the Z's.
July 28 My parents had flown out to CA and drove across the US with me and Jared! We brought a heat wave all the way with us to MI!
August 2 my second nephew was born! Aaron Morgan Teal entered the world to know Christ and love Him with us! I love him so much!
August 4 marked my first day of work at CrossRoads Comm. Church as their Student Ministries Director! I am overjoyed to be working there!
August 10-11 Jared and I drove over to Grand Haven for my friend Lindsey's wedding, where I sang at their beach-side wedding

And a whole bunch of other stuff happened here and there too! And here we are! Thanks God for Change! I embrace it all!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Exerpt from a letter a Jr. High student gave me last night:

"You are my light in my darkness
My shelter in a storm
You gave me strength when I was weak
And Your love to keep me warm
When I was hurting, lost, abused
It was your faith that I had used.
When I was cold, depress, and lonely
I stayed alive by your love only.
When I felt pushed or shunned away
It was your friendship made me stay.
I knew you loved me when you cared
You did what no one else had dared
You took the time to learn
To see what I really am in me
You listened to my thoughts and fears
And helped me wipe away my tears
You helped me learn respect
And love to pray to God my Lord above
You are my light in my darkness
And I hope you see
I'll love you Angela for eternity!"

Let the tears flow! Wow I will miss these students!
Riding Aslan the Lion

My dad has always told me that following Christ is like Lucy and Susan in C.S. Lewis' Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. There is a section in the book right after the curse of the stone table is broken, and Aslan who was once dead is now alive. The girls who had just been weeping over His death, now find themselves on Aslan's back riding through the countryside.

"That ride was perhaps the most wonderful thing that had happened to Narnia...He rushes on and on never missing his footing, never hesitating, threading his way with perfect skill between tree trunks, jumping over bush and briar and the smaller streams...and you are riding not on a road nor in a park nor even on the downs, but right across Narnia in spring, down solemn avenues of beech and through wild orchards...the two girls, breathless but unhurt, found themselves tumbling off his back..."

I think much of life is to be lived in this way. We do not know when or where God is going to take us next...but yet He is very purposeful in every step and each way He takes us on.
As Jared and I face this new phase in life as we move from Southern California to Michigan-not yet having everything worked out-I am reminded of this example-that all we need to do is hold on tight to Christ and He will make it the most exciting, terrifying, yet amazing rides of our lives!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I bought a wedding dress!

How cool is that! It was from David's Bridal-the first of 3 appointments I had that day-but I never made it to the other 2! Since the dress was on the discontinued rack, and they had a sale that day-I got over half off on the dress!

As much of a dream come true as it is to buy and wear the dress I will get married in, it reminds me (as so much in this process does) of being presented before Christ as His Bride...what a beautiful moment that will be...thinking and imagining the look on Jared's face when he sees me for the first time on our wedding day-I can only imagine what it will be like on that day I am presented before Christ...

I am so thankful for the relationship and representation of our betrothal to Christ and a marriage relationship.

What a day that will be...

Who do you want to be like?

I want to be like my dad.

You see, there are a lot of role models we can have...teachers, pastors, mentors, musical inspirations, parents...

Fortunately for me, that is all the same person.

I know my dad is not perfect, but He is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up...

Most of all because He affects lives for eternity every day...He is a fantastic leader and loves Jesus more and more every day.

I want to be like my dad.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day Dad!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

October 21, 2006-Our Wedding Day and Future Anniversary...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wedding Plans, Moving Plans, Leaving a job/church, and Finishing Classes:

Well life is crazy right now that is for sure. All of you ladies who are going through or have gone through getting married, you understand the feeling of having your wedding and marriage CONSTANTLY on your mind! It's like I go to do something...anything...and bam! There my wedding ideas and thoughts are in my mind.
Along with planning our wedding, we are planning on moving...and trying to spend as much time as I can with my Jr. High students as well as finishing up a few classes!!!!

But it is all good-and I am marrying the most amazing man in the world:)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Amerine/Teal Adventure!!!

Well life certainly is crazy in so many ways-

Saturday May 27, 2006 Jared Robert Amerine got down on his knee at Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach CA and asked me to be his wife!!!

That moment that us women dream of as little girls, teenagers, and grown women has finally arrived for me. And let me tell you, nothing could have prepared me for this!

Once again Jared managed to surprise me like only he can. That moment when he dropped to his knee was truly amazing. As I described to my best friend Emily, seeing that act of humility for a grown man to get on his knee, offer all the love he has to give and ask me to spend my life as his wife was breathtaking! I could hardly form the word "yes" through my mess of happy tears!!!

I sit here on my couch 2 days later still in shock at this gorgeous ring on my finger representing a promise of a lifetime commitment! Our prayer is that the Lord would receive all the glory and honor through who we are and all we do!

Jared and I are currently working on a web site-we will have it up shortly! Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we continue on this adventure set before us!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pictures from Youth Group last week!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Hobby:

My boyfriend Jared has a new hobby. Selling our old crap on e-bay. I have thought about it before, but don't have the patience to read through everything and actually DO it. So if you are looking for a camera, cell phone, or I think he's even selling a labtop, you can find it all on e-bay.

I just bought 2 TaeBo DVD's from e-bay. It's kind of cool.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Ode to My Mother:

Nancy Jane Teal

Many people think they have wonderful moms

Maybe they are right

But they are missing out

because they don't have my mom.

Many people may think their moms love them

They may be right

But probably not as much as my mom loves me and my brother.

Many people think their mom makes the best deviled eggs and potato salad

But they are wrong

My mom does.

Many people think their moms are servants

And they probably are

But my mom has made more sacrifices then I can even count.

Many people may brag about how their mom does everything just right

But not me...

You see, I know my mom is imperfect

I know she feels pain

But I understand one thing

No matter what she does...

Or what she says...

It comes from the love given her by Christ

And that makes my mom the Greatest mom in the entire world.

I love you mom.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Me and Ailey and her mommy

Well Jared and I just returned from our little visit to good ole' Michigan. We had an AWESOME time-every night before we would go upstairs (to seperate rooms of course) to bed, Jared would tell me "Ang, I am having so much fun with your family!" Here's a run down of all we did in a few short days we were there:

-Mom and Dad picked us up from the old airport at DTW and we drove out to LAMBERTVILLE (what a name huh?)

-Jared and I ran off to Emily and Andrew's to see little baby Ailey-my favorite baby girl! We had an awesome time with them!
-Stopped by Vanessa's grave
-Met up with mom, dad, Alex, and Becky and Evan at mom and dad's house
-For a minute I am going to brag about my nephew. He is the smartest baby in the entire world. He's almost 2 and he can not only say his abc's, but he can fill in the blanks if you leave out certain letters! He knows actions to songs...seriously...he's so awesome. PLUS he totally knows who I am and loves me:)
-We played games into the night-speed scrabble is amazing!

-Did my Tae Bo dvd
-Went to McDonalds with the fam for lunch
-Played over and over with Evan

-Went to CrossRoads-what an awesome blessing in many ways! My uncle spoke on Marriage and did it wonderfully!
-Ate with uncle Tom and aunt Noni
-Watched a movie with mom and dad

-Breakfast date with dad:)
-Shopping with Jared:)
-Trip to Ann Arbor with mom and dad:)

-Made breakfast with Jared for mom and dad
-Left on a plane and came back to Cali!

What an awesome blessing this trip was in so many ways!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Birthday Week!

Jared's 23rd Birthday is tomorrow!!!! Happy Birthday Love! I am soooooo excited to celebrate our birthday's together as a couple this year for the first time!

My 25th birthday is Saturday! Yes! A Quarter century!!!!

We are going out to the LA Philharmonic on Saturday!!! What a way to spend my birthday!

This is my gorgeous Best Friend Emily and her new beautiful baby Ailey:) I am in love with so many babies now! My nephew, Ailey, my boyfriend's nephew Tommy. Good thing I'm not having one for a LOOOOONG time. I can just love eveyone elses:)

Seriously though-this picture is awesome

Monday, April 17, 2006

Well it is all official now! Baby Ailey Kaylen Smith has entered the world early this morning on Monday April 17!!! She was 6 lbs and some other ounces...close to 7 lbs and 20 inches long with a lot of hair i am told!

From everything Andrew said, Emily was a pro and did great! I am soooo happy for you guys and can not wait to hold her in my arms in a week and a half!

Congrats mom and dad Emily and Andrew! Wow! My best friend is a mom!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hospital Days...

There's nothing quite like a visit to the hospital-especially several visits on consecutive weekends when they are checking your boyfriend's neck to see what the painful lump in his neck is, if he has cancer...

After a month of hospital visits, a needle biopsy, and a CT scan, Jared was quickly scheduled for surgery this week when the other results came up inconclusive.

Monday morning, me, Jared, his mom, and grandpa (his dad passed away from cancer a few years ago) checked in to the hospital for an hour and a half long surgery in which the doctor thought he may simply have an infected gland, however would not really know anything until he opened him up. I did my best to keep Jared in good spirits as we waited in the pre-op room...reading the Word to him, making jokes about the warming blanket on him that looked like an inflatable raft, and holding his hand that just had an IV put into it. As they wheeled him into surgery, his mom, grandpa and I waited in this lobby area for the longest hour of my life.

The doctor came out after an hour telling us the wonderful news that he removed the lymphnode which was inflamed because of an infection in his tonsils. No tumors, lumps, or cancer!!!!! What a huge relief!!!!

When we were finally able to see him, the nurse asked us which one of us were going to stay and help Jared get dressed, and his mom and I just looked at each other and slowly started backing away and pointing at his grandpa!

Jared has been recovering remarkably well-he hates the vicadin which makes it too hard for him to focus on his school work, and is expecting to be back in Azusa on Friday-Praise the Lord!
For me, my emotional breaking point was after the surgery when we were in his mom's kitchen and it all hit me like a ton of bricks...and then later on in Blockbuster-that was fun:) The Lord is good and I am overwhelmed at His power, strength, and love.
Thank you God.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

When you Feel like a smoldering wick...

Much like myself and Jared-we are reminded the Lord will protect us and care for us-not leave us to be done for...

Jared goes in for surgery on Monday for the lump on his neck...It is difficult not having his dad with us anymore...Lord, when we lack the presencem comfort and strength of a father...would You remind us that you will care and be with us all the more...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gaucho? Goucho? Groucho? Gaaaaaooooocho?

What the heck is a gaucho? Who was the moron that invented the goucho? Why would anyone in their right mind want to own a gawwwwcho? seriously.
In my recent discussions with Jared and his 2 two roomates, I have discovered that there are some serious problems here.
Problem #1: Permanent Wedgie. Enough said.
Problem #2: Not flattering in ANY way. Wear these if you are NOT trying to attract anyone in their right minds.
Problem #3: Let's face it. There is a reason spandex were outlawed in several states including Texas.
Problem #4: I was up Gauching all night.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Many of us have heard the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet...A gross job but someone has to do it right??? But when was the last time we served someone? I mean really served them? Served someone when no one would notice...or when there was no "thank you". When was the last time you served someone who was in a lower position then you? Or someone who normally does not get noticed by anyone?
Jesus knew He was God's Son. He knew He was going back to heaven. And yet some of the very last things He chose to do, were make sure people around Him knew-He was there to serve.
I want to be like Jesus. How about you?

I Have 2 Favorite Nephews!

It is true! Not only do I have a favorite nephew already, but now I move onto favorite nephew #2! This little guy won't be around until the beginning of August, but I already feel how much I love him! More Teal boys to carry on the family name:)

Can you tell I'm excited?