Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Lesson Well Learned:

So whenever I'm running or biking, I never want to take my cell phone with me because I have no place to put it, and I'm like "I don't need it".

Today I went for a nice long bike ride for my workout since I've been waiting to run for another day to help my ankle heal from last week. Jared and my parents knew I was going for a ride, and I knew I would be getting home before Jared so I didn't think it made sense to even try to bring my phone.

I went on a lovely ride down midway road, and over to the little spokane road-exploring through side streets etc. I did some serious biking, because I believe a workout should be insanely intense (see previous post) and because I'm crazy. Just over half way through my bike ride, I discovered this new little park right on the little spokane river, and I thought to myself "oooo, I should ride down there and check it out!" So i did. I went through the grass to the river. Looked at it, and then decided it was time to continue on my journey, especially since I knew I had the dreaded wandermere hill to climb...(it's a looong uphill rd. for those who don't live around here). When I left the park, I noticed a stick wedged in my tire, so I pulled over and removed the stick...only to immediately hear a hissing sound "oh crap, i popped my tire and I'm like 2 miles from home!". I decided to go as far as I could on my bike before the tire went completely flat (which was about .15 miles). Then I started my ridiculously long and strenuous walk up the stupid road with my stupid bike.

Did I mention it was 85 degrees outside???

I finally made it home. Next time, I am taking water and my phone. Lesson learned.
~Angela M.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drive Thru etiquette

So after working at Starbee's for almost a year now, and spending the majority of that time in the drive thru, I have decided to create a list of Drive Thru etiquette---trust me, there are many people who really need to see this:

-When arriving to the speaker box, let the person finish their little schpeal-they are supposed to offer certain "promotions"

-Please speak clearly and just a bit louder then normal. Often times there are people speaking into the other ear of the person taking the order--or a jack hammer if they are doing construction next door.

-It is helpful (but not necessary) if you have your money ready

-If the person taking your order asks you to repeat it, they do speak english, they just need to hear it one more time. You'd be surprised to know how easy it is to get orders mixed up.

-When you pull up to the speaker box and only say "hello, I'll have my usual"--they CAN NOT SEE YOU. If you do not identify yourself, and the person taking your order does not identify themselves as a psychic, please don't expect them to know your order.

-When there is a new person at the window then you have seen before, please do not ask them "where is the A team?" (that happened to me today...thanks)

-When picking up your order-go ahead and take the time to taste your drink to make sure it is what you want. I would rather re-make a drink then have you pay for something that you didn't want.

-A smile and a positive attitude can make the day of a drive thru worker!

There is my short little list. I'm so grateful for my experience working at Starbee's! It has really opened my eyes and shown me to be Jesus even more in this world.

~Angela M.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minor Setback...

As previously mentioned, Jared and I are training for a half marathon on July 12 in the big city of Missoula Montana--I'm really really looking forward to it. I've been running as well as doing my Jillian Michael's workout videos.

Those of you who have been my roomate, or have ever worked out with me know that I workout like there is no tomorrow. I don't believe in working out without sweating like crazy and feeling like I have nothing left at the end. Such was my workout 2 days ago with Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism video. Everything was going really well-good strong workout, and then I guess I just lost my focus and completely rolled my ankle outward with all my weight on it, and heard many cracks in the process. It did not immediately hurt an I could still walk on it, so I tried not to think too much of it-though I knew I had never done anything like that to my ankle before. Yesterday it was a little tight but nothing I could not handle, and then last night Jared and I went for a long bikeride downtown, and I thought to myself..."hmmm, my leg is kind of tight" and I reached down to touch my ankle to find it was swollen bumpy and bruised! Last night I elevated the ankle and tried to stay off of it for the evening, and I iced it already today. My fear is that there will be a long recovery time or that I hurt it more then I originally thought! I have heard horror stories about ankle injuries that stick around for a long time, and I just don't think I could handle that!

I guess I'll see how it is doing in the next few days and will try to find the nurse that goes to our church tomorrow!

~Angela M.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Updating

Every time I go to my blog to check and see who on my list has updated their blog, I'm like "Why hasn't anyone updated their blog!?!" and then I realize it's been a good week since I've updated mine!!! (oops!)

Last week was a big week for us. It was the season finale of Biggest Loser and LOST, so needless to say, we had a few late nights at our house. Now I'm not a TV junkie and I know I have wasted waaaayyy too many hours in front of the stupid thing, but LOST is practically real life. If you have never watched the show, I encourage you to find someone who owns season 1 and borrow it, or rent it. Jared and I did not start watching until season 3 had started. I remember the day was the day after Christmas, and Jared and I had bought Alex (my bro) a LOST season 1 puzzle, and Becky (my sis in law) had bought him a season 2 LOST puzzle. We worked with him to put them both together, and when they were complete, we had so many questions about all the different scenes that compiled together to create the puzzle...things like "what the heck is a hatch?" "what's the big deal with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42?" "Where is the island?"
By the time my brother explained everything, Jared and I asked to borrow their season 1...and then we watched and watched and watched the show! It would be 1:30 in the morning and I'd ask Jared...just one more episode before we go to bed please!!!...and we would.
With only one more season to go I still have so many questions about what is happening on the island, and 2010 can't come fast enough!

Anyways, that was all to say, last week was a big week for us.

~Angela M.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheese and Rice!!!

Yesterday while working at the drive thru at Starbees, I had several customers complaining about how windy and cold the weather had which I agreed. Their reply was "I just can't stand this (fill in with explative here) weather anymore!" This happened late on in the day where a customer used a gross curse word to emphasize what theyr were saying and I think they were trying to sound funny as well. What they didn't realize is how rude and offensive it came off! I just can't stand when people I don't even know think it is ok or funny to use crude curse words in their conversations!

I can still recall the day in 2nd grade when I discovered curse words. I was playing during recess and a fellow student used a swear word, and they discovered I was not also saying these words. They asked me why I did not swear. I knew it was wrong and that it didn't honor God, but I suposse I did not have the courage to stand up for myself. So I swore. All day long, I think I used about every curse word I could think of-yes I gave into peer pressure-even though the words just sounded stupid coming out of my mouth. I'm not sure what changed my mind--I don't remember if I told my parents about what happened or if I just decided I wasn't going to do it anymore, but the next day at recess, I proudly walked up to my girlfriend and told her "I'm not going to swear because God doesn't want me to, and because it sounds stupid."

Pretty profound words I could basically say still today. I know that swearing is not the worst thing I could do, and I know it does not make you less of a christian if you do...but I just don't see how it is honoring to the Lord.

Now even if you are not a Christian, or if you are and don't feel any personal conviction about it, there are several more reasons I would have for not using these words:

1) It sounds un-educated
2) It sounds rude
3) It sounds inconsiderate
4) It can be very offensive
5) There are more creative words to use
6) You never know how the person you are talking to will take it
7) It does NOT sound cool
oh and 8) Your mom might wash your mouth out with soap

~Angela M.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Next Adventure Challenge:

After successfully pushing ourselves to do the 7.5 miles at Bloomsday, we are both feeling inspired and challenged to try something a little more difficult. (like that isn't difficult enough) On July 12 the Missoula Montana Marathon/half-marathon is taking place, and we are going to sign up for the half! (which is 13.1 miles) I'm thinking if it is a good experience, maybe we will sign up for a full marathon in the fall!!! I'm soooooo excited to take on this newest challenge, and am really really excited to take it on with Jared!!!! BOO YA!!!!!!!!!!
~Angela M.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Results:

Angela M Amerine

Finish Time: 1:04:20

Overall Place: 3,947 out of 44,490

Ran with a pace of 8:37 per mile

The average pace for 28-year-olds was 13:40

Placed 119th among 827 people the same age

Placed 37th among 582 people from Colbert, WA

Placed 2,992nd among 35,983 people from Washington

Placed 1st among 2 people with the same last name

Placed 996th among 26,349 females

Placed 30th out of 536 among 28-year-old females

~Angela M.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well the day finally came---after deciding 3 weeks ago that we were going to do Bloomsday (for those of you who don't know, it's a 7.46 mile, 12k run through Spokane). I've been running fairly ofter during the last few weeks, but had not done more then 4.5 miles. Jared had not done nearly as much running, and I was concerned that I would want to speed through it and we might get frustrated at eachother (hard to imagine I know). Did I mention earlier that Bloomsday is like the biggest timed race in North America or something like that?
Anyways, we started off well, and I felt fantastic for the 1st 4 miles...I was really surprised how easy it felt...and then once I hit mile 5 I was just tired. My legs hurt, my feet hurt my hips hurt...but there is no way I was going to stop. What amazed me and made me so proud was that Jared had to walk for a bit when his foot went numb...and about a mile and a half later he runs up right next to me!!! I couldn't believe he made up all the time!!! What a champ! The last mile was pretty tough for me, but we kept going and finished with a final time of 1 hr. and 4 minutes! I was really hoping to do it in under an hour, but that just gives us a goal for next year:) We had a great time together-I was so proud to do that race with my amazing husband in just over 8.5 min miles.
After we got our shirts and walked around for a bit, we went back through the course and waited for my mom and ran the last half mile with her--she is so great--powering through it all! She definetly did better then her last years time!! We will get all of our "official" results in a week or so I think. So proud of our accomplishments!!
~Angela M.