Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Summer Movie Highlight:

Of the many movies coming out this summer, there is one I am looking forward to the most--My first year out of college, a friend of mine forced me to watch Harry Potter, he was a pretty hard core fan-he had read the books that were in print, and loved the movies. After making fun of him many times I finally sat down and watched the first 3 which were out at the time.

And now 6 years later I have read all 7 books multiple times, and own the first 5 movies...and watch them frequently. I love the books-really fun reading--extremely entertaining, and the movies are great non-thinking kind of movies. You better believe I will be at the theater opening night with my wand and Hogwarts Badge on:)

~Angela M.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Escaping the American Dream

As many of you know, Jared and I love getting rid of "stuff". When we moved out here we literally only took what we could fit into 2 cars. And we couldn't feel any better about it--it was a difficult and long process at the time, but it was also extremely freeing!!!

Once a month or so we receive a "Compassion" magazine from compassion international through which we sponsor a wonderful boy James. In this months magazine, there was an awesome article about "escaping the american dream". The article spoke of a christian man who was very well off, owned a sports car and a really nice humongeous home...and one day he decided to live with less, sold the sports car and bought a 1993 toyota camry, and downsized to a house half the size. You can join the club and get more info at

It's obviously not for everyone, but with loving my very freeing feeling of not owning much stuff, I LOVE the idea:)
~Angela M.

New Post for a New Day

Today is June 21st. My brother Alex is 30 today--it's Father's Day, and also the 1st day of summer. Why it chooses to be 57 degrees and rainy on the 1st day of summer I'll never know. Father's Day-we decided to go with the golf outing as a gift for my dad, so it looks like Thursday will be golfing galivanting! (hopefully it won't be 57 then).

Oh ya, and my brother is 30 today. Which is really weird. really.
You know when you're a kid and you just feel like you will always be a kid? Well I guess I just always thought we would be kids...and then teens...young adults...young married couples...and here my brother Alex is, married for 8 years now with 3 kids to his credit (the best sister in law and niece and nephews anyone could ask for by the way). and now he is 30. Which means we are not kids anymore (in case the marriage and kids thing didn't give it away already). The one truly great thing about getting older that you don't always get as a youngster is you learn to really appreciate your siblings, or in my case, sibling-singular. Alex and I always played together as children and had lots of fun, but I really do enjoy all the laughter and friendship that we have now. As scary as it is to get older, I embrace the changes that it brings with it.

Happy Birthday Bro. Happy Father's Day Alex and Dad. And Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone.

~Angela M.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our New Hobby

We LOVE rafting down the river! And this last weekend we got to ride down with 8 of our fantastic friends---and boy was it ever an adventure!!! The police in Spokane are saying the river in dangerous and the water is really cold, but we disagree. The only thing that made the rafting somewhat scary was the massive construction they are doing on the Barker bridge. We had to get out of the river and then walk about 2 miles with all our gear until we could put in again! But we loved it! Can't wait to go again soon.

(as you can tell, we like to have Jared do all the grunt work, I just sit and look pretty)
~Angela M.