Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrating A Hero:

It was one of my dearest friends/hero/amazing woman of God birthday yesterday! Mary Crydo turned 30 yesterday (again):) She is such a special person in my life and has taught me so much about being a woman of God (though I have a long long way to go!) Mary is married to Mark who is a Lead Pastor at an awesome church in Portage MI. She and Mark have 3 of the most amazing kids in the world---which only attests to what an awesome job she has done as a mother! When I look at how they turned out it really inspires me of the importance of being a mom and what a difference it can make in this world. Mary is also a cancer survivor--several years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but now after surgery and much prayers--BOO YA!! cancer is gone!!!
Mary also inspires me because she is a runner. This may seem silly, but Mary has really never been a runner. She has been a walker-especially after having cancer. Mary and I would meet up at Lifestyles and walk together on the treadmills (it was FREEZING outside)-we would talk and pray together. Pretty soon, Mary who used to tell me she could never run, started walking for 5 min, running for 1 min...for an hour. Not much later, she was running 5 min and walking 1! Now Mary calls me up the other day to tell me she just ran 7 miles!!!! WOW!!!
Mary has poured her heart out for the Lord's Kingdom time and time again. She is a prayer warrior, spending lots of time connecting her heart to that of the Father. She gives so much of her time, energy and joy to all those around her. I just LOVE that she is one of my closest friends and find it to be such a blessing in my own life. We have prayed together, lived together, dyed our hair together, cried together, laughed and laughed and laughed together, worked out together, run together, worked like Huskies together, and made Daniel fast food together!
Thank you Mary for inspiring me most every day. Your character is challenging and encouraging! Happy Birthday to my Hero!
~Angela M.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding the Athlete in Me:

I know I know it's not proper grammar...but it's how I feel these days. Just a week and a half ago Jared and I completed our first Triathlon---which I've done several posts about. We decided a few days later we would do the Spokane half marathon, which is 13.1 miles of running!!! Last week we went pretty light since we were recovering from the Triathlon, and on Sunday we went the farthest I've ever gone before, 8.8 miles! It felt so great to be accomplishing something I never knew I could do. Today I decided to use the treadmill at Oz Fitness to help get my cadence a little less then 8 and a half minute miles. I ran for an hour and did 7.2 miles---although I was SOOOOO bored on that stinkin treadmill...nothing to look at but the tv screens which were way to far to even see, and when running on a treadmill I don't dare lose focus. I do not want to be that person who falls off the back!

Tomorrow I will do another run for about an hour or so. This weekend when in California we will do another long run-probably 10 miles! It will be another break through for me!

What a blessing to be healthy enough to do this kind of thing--I am so so thankful and try to really enjoy the ability and strength the Lord has blessed me with during the time spent outdoors running running running.

Step after step I remind myself...relax your upper body... get a slightly higher kick...relax your breathing...let everything go...just enjoy the's all a mind game...turn off your mind...your body is strong ARE an athlete...thank you thank you thank you Lord...don't trip!!!
~Angela M.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Half

As Jared and I spend the week recovering, I can't help but think about my next form of personal torture to put my body through...there is a Spokane Half Marathon on Oct 11...less then a month away!! It's obviously twice the amount of running that we did this weekend, but I KNOW my body can handle it...and it's only a $35 entry fee...why not while we're still reaping the benefits of the last few months of training???
~Angela M.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our First Tri...

Wow. I can't believe the Triathlon is actually over! What an amazing day and experience it was!

We woke up at 5:00-which wasn't too bad for me since I often wake up that early for work-but Jared had a difficult time getting out of bed! Praise the Lord I actually slept really well too! Our stuff was already packed, so after getting dressed, making eggs and toast, and loading our borrowed bikes, we were ready to go (a little later then anticipated which was a bummer)

We arrived at the race site around 6:10 by the time we unloaded our bikes and walked over there. Most everyone was already there, so we had to put our bikes toward the back and really felt rushed especially after waiting 10 min to use the "honey bucket"! By the time all was said and done I only had 15 min to set up my transition area and get my wet suit on! I would definitely get there about 30 min earlier next time!

The men were first to get in the freezing cold 58 degree water at 7:00--They swam to the middle of the lake and started at the sound of the air horn--I of course cheered nice and loud for Jared--which I'm sure he heard:) As soon as they were off, us women entered the water...yikes it was soooooo cold! Several people actually got hypo-thermia and were taken away by ambulance! I was unprepared for the air horn to go off, so I was taken by surprise when it did. The water was extremely shallow and Jared and I both scraped our hands on the bottom multiple times!! The swim was ok over all--not great and not bad. When I got towards the end I was just so grateful to be done! It took me a few minutes longer then usual, but whatever. As I ran up to the transition area, there was my handsome husband waiting for me cheering me on:) What a great boost that was!

After warming up enough to step out of the wet suit, Jared and I took off on our bikes-we could tell we were behind the majority of people (due to my slower swim), but we had such a fun bike ride together. We were able to talk and laugh through the 24.8 miles together and encourage a lot of people along the way--we feel like we made a lot of friends today!

Getting off the bike and switching to running was WEIRD!!!! Holy Moley my legs felt like jello! Fortunately I've run 6.2 miles many times, so I wasn't too concerned. The first 3-4 miles were quite enjoyable-we prayed aloud together for our church service that was about to start, and for some other churches, and talked about how much we had to use the bathroom:) But by the 5th and 6th mile, I just wanted to be done! My knee, hips, and back all started hurting but I knew we were in the home stretch! **side note, we actually passed quite a few people on the run which felt fantastic!**

Jared was such a wonderful encourager the whole way through---constantly telling me how proud of me he was. What a great man I'm married to!

As we came through to the home stretch, they announced our names over the loud speaker "It looks like we have a husband and wife team here-Jared and Angela Amerine!" Jared grabbed my hand and was busted out those last few hundred yards together---what a powerful moment! I almost broke down in tears at the end---just so grateful for the strength and mental capacity the Lord gave us, and the blessing of doing something so wonderful with my amazing husband!

Thank you Jesus!!!
~Angela M.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling Stuck...

Today is one of those days where I just feel STUCK.

A few weeks ago I had a job opportunity to long term sub for a music classroom at a local middle school. I of course jumped at the opportunity and was honored the teacher requested me.

Today I went to the classroom to meet the teacher and check out the classes, only to find out the district won't allow me to long term sub because I do not have my "music endorsement".

I never would have thought I would be at this place--I've had 5 years experience as a youth pastor---I have an undergrad degree in Elementary Ed., and a graduate Degree in Worship Leadership...and I just can't seem to get anywhere---how is this even possible???

Today is a day that requires much praying and soul searching for me--I want to make the most of this time I have to grow, study, lead, change, be a world changer...I just need God's eyes to see how that will happen...
~Angela M.