Sunday, January 16, 2011

17 weeks and counting:

One of my old roomates from Cali recently had a baby, and she kept this cute little update on her blog during her pregnancy that I just loved:) It was such a clever way to keep people who were interested updated on all the weird questions everyone wants the answers to. So I thought I would steal Carrie's idea-thanks friend!

How far along are you?
17 weeks 5 days.

How much weight have you gained?

5 pounds-scary!

How big is baby?
about half a pound, and about 5.5 inches long:)

How are you feeling?
I really feel great! I just can't complain. My energy levels have been up recently which is much relief to Jared and myself. My winter allergies have kicked in the last few days, but it is nothing out of the ordinary and some symptoms are starting to go away! Just trying to stay positive and beat the allergies naturally!

Are you sleeping?
Pretty good. I wake up 1-2 times to pee (which is my normal routine even when I'm not pregnant lol). I'm usually pretty uncomfortable by the time I wake up, so that helps me get out of bed.

What are your current cravings/aversions?
The only craving I've really had is Salt and Vinegar chips and a Frosty fron Wendy's every time we drive by one, but I'm not sure if that is a pregnancy thing:) The only aversion I have is the smell of this candle at my parents place. Good thing I'm not going to eat it.

What’s new for little Baby Amerine?
I just scored at a second hand store for baby clothes. They were having a quarter sale, so I got about 7 outfits and other random things for $2.40!! Not really getting much else until we find out the gender.

What are you thinking about this week?
Feeling overwhelmed at how much our lives will change--enjoying my moments of quiet--praying that God will help us to raise our child to love Him.

What are you missing?
I miss running. Sooooo much.

What are you looking forward to?
Smelling our little baby---holding our baby---watching Jared take care of our precious child.

Random question: What do you think it will look like?
I can't even imagine! I think our child will be easier to imagine once we find out the gender in a few weeks!!

~Angela M.