Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a Good Day

So you know it's a great day when...

You wake up early to the man of your dreams...

Drink coffee together...

See your brand new baby niece when she is only a few minutes old...

Hang out with your 2 nephews with cool shades on...

Have a great staff farewell party...

Watch your husband drive around on the scooter of his dreams...

And camp out with a bunch of 6-12 grade students...

What a great day! The Best part for sure is my new niece Ashlyn Ann Teal! Love this girl to pieces already! Can't wait to hold her tomorrow! Alex and Becky said the song "Isn't she Lovely" came on right after she was delivered--Thanks God!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late Father's Day and Birthday for Dad!

My dad recently had his 57th birthday--the day after Father's Day!

Why I love my daddy:

-He is a good laugher
-He always puts a smile on my face
-He "gets" me
-He shows me and others His huge love for God
-He is a fabulous pastor
-He is an amazing leader
-He drinks eggnog with me on Christmas Eve
-He lets me sing as long and I want to and never asks me to stop
-He always smells like aftershave
-He is fun to be around
-He is adventurous
-He loves me and our family so so much!

Thanks Dad for being the best a girl could ask for:) Sending love to Washington-