Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spring Break 09 Baby!!!!

So most people are not planning their Spring Break this far ahead, however, Jared and I have VERY special plans that have to go on the calendar now so we do not miss this exciting event!
Last year we were fortunate enough to travel with our very dear friends the Crydo's to St. Pete Florida, camping at the KOA site for a few days-it was so much fun, and more importantly the Crydo's are so important to us, that we are making the trip again this April! We've practically started the countdown already-can't wait till April for Cramerine time!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The "Bitter" out of the Bittersweet of Moving...

So today I am feeling some definite sadness that we are not in Michigan right now. My bro Alex and his wife Becky just had their 3rd child 2 months ago tomorrow-Ashlyn Ann-and she is just perfect:) Today they are having her dedicated at her dad's church, and I'm feeling so sad that we aren't there! I've been so happy that for the last few years we have been able to live really close to Alex and Becky and their boys--we've done some really funny and stupid things together (spiderman premiere, spiderman costume contest, chucky cheese and chucky cheese again), and their boys Evan and Aaron really do know and love us. I am so thankful for the plans the Lord has for us, I just wish it included being nice and close to those I love so much-especially little Ashlyn!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Best Manaquin Ever

Jared and I saw this last night at the mall and couldn't stop laughing...

"do you have a baboon in your pocket?"