Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spring Break 09 Baby!!!!

So most people are not planning their Spring Break this far ahead, however, Jared and I have VERY special plans that have to go on the calendar now so we do not miss this exciting event!
Last year we were fortunate enough to travel with our very dear friends the Crydo's to St. Pete Florida, camping at the KOA site for a few days-it was so much fun, and more importantly the Crydo's are so important to us, that we are making the trip again this April! We've practically started the countdown already-can't wait till April for Cramerine time!!!!!


chaff "4" said...

Hello. I haven't seen you in a while. wondering how the job search is going or are you at starbucks? Once the kids get out the door to school let me know if you want to go have some lunch.

Hanna is getting a lot of milage out of the flour trick your honey taught her. Hope all is going great with you. give me an update on the job stuff. Kim

alex said...

you should plan a 6 hour layover in detroit.

Mark said...

And a Big Booyah to ya!
We can't wait as well.
So, Micah is at SAU now and we are all moved in, kinda.
Your basement here is nicer than the basement in Temperance!

kool kenna said...