Friday, February 25, 2011

How far along are you?
23 weeks 3 days.

How much weight have you gained?

12 pounds-terrifying!!!

How big is baby?
A little over a pound! He's measuring almost a week big-which maybe means he will come a little early--one can hope!

How are you feeling?
I've been feeling uncomforable recently. With the added weight in the front, everything just hurts most of the time. Trying to do Yoga several times a week to help. Emotionally I'm doing great though!

Are you sleeping?
It depends on the night. I am waking up at least 2 times a night---I guess my body is just preparing me for what it will be like!

What are your current cravings/aversions?
Puppy Chow (or Muddy Buddies as some people call them). If you've never has it before you are missing out on one of the great joys of life. Chex cereal with peanut butter, melted chocolate chips covered with powdered sugar. Soooo good.

What’s new for little Baby Amerine?
Our little BOY is growing and packing on the weight these days--which is a great thing! I've been continuing to score big time at the Other Mother quarter sale! Jared keeps telling me that people are going ot buy stuff for us, but I just can't help myself when it's only 25 cents!

What are you thinking about this week?
Overwhelmed with thankfulness for God's faithfulness-knowing that we have a healthy baby boy!

What are you missing?
Still missing running and also a delicious French Press of Guatemala Antigua...

What are you looking forward to?
Showing our guy off to everyone:)
Working out hard again-weird I know.

Random question: What is the weirdest name someone has suggested for you to use
My dad for some reason thinks our baby should be called Froyo Bongo. I rather like Marco Polo:)

~Angela M.