Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2 weeks of Bells Palsy:

After 2 weeks I am shocked at how quickly my face has been recovering. It is not very noticeable as most people have been telling me-although of could I can see and feel the spots which are not as responsive. It's probably most noticeable when i try to raise my eyebrows or laugh. Part of the healing process has been a LOT of face twitching (my eye, lips, and chin mostly) which thankfully is not painful-just annoying:)
God is so faithful and good and I am thankful for this opportunity to grow!

Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bells Palsy after 1 week


One of my very dear Friends Rebekah Negrete JUST WON the Mrs. International Pageant!!!! I can not think of a person more deserving! She will be an absolutely amazing ambassador for Christ!!! Congratulations Rebekah! I'm SOOOO proud and happy for you!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why not a second time?

One of the major events which occured at IYC 2007 this year, was my sudden second bout with Bells Palsy. Monday night Jared and I went to the ER in Knoxville TN (some very nice people there in Knoxville) to receive my 2nd diagnosis of Bells Palsy in 9 years. So after being on Steroids for a week, and an anti-viral as well as using more eyedrops then ever to keep my eye from drying out, I am doing ok.
The good thing about Bells Palsy-It doesn't hurt.
The stupid thing about Bells Palsy-It is hard to eat and drink, and I currently can't taste much of anything.

The good thing: God is so good and I am so thankful I know He is with me and who defines me, not this Bells Crappola!

IYC 2007

What an amazing time! 25 students from CrossRoads joining thousands of other Free Methodist Students from across the US-
Highlights from our Group- Fuel Student Ministries:

5 First Time Commitments
Several Re-dedications
Countless commitments to be fully God's!

Praise Jesus!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, Jared and I just got back from our first vacation since our honeymoon-a week spent at Yellowstone with his family-and it was amazing and so stinking relaxing.
Here's what our week looked like:

Friday: Woke up at 4:30(AM) and my bro Alex took us to the airport. Flew out to Salt Lake City-picked up our cool rental card (saturn SUV)-shopped (my loving husband bought my 2 shirts and a dress!!!) ate at Olive Garden and checked into our hotel. Jared family all got in around 8:00 p.m. and we ate at one of my favorite places-BUCA DI BEPPO!!
Saturday: We drove 4 hours to our cabin at Henry's Lake in Idaho right outside of West Yellowstone in Montana-We were in the middle of no where and I loved it! We concluded the day by getting groceries and playing games together
Sunday: Jared and I went for a walk to the lake and encountered a REAL LIVE MOOSE! Only about 100 ft away! Then we drove out to West Yellowstone and shopped and hung around town for most of the day
Monday: All of us (me, Jared, Mom, Papa, Dan, Annette, Tommy, Tom and Cheryl) drove through Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful and some other really cool places-and BUFFALO!
Tuesday: Went for a walk (no moose this time), put puzzles together and ate Dinner at a friends house and played games
Wednesday: Drove out to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a day of shopping, a rodeo and fireworks off the mountain!
Thursday: Jared and I decided to take the afternoon and rent tubes and float down a river for 2 and a half hours-my favorite part!
Friday: We all went horseback riding:) Good times
Saturday: Said a sad good-bye to everyone and flew back home at 1:00 am on Sunday

God is so amazing-I love his creation so much!