Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why not a second time?

One of the major events which occured at IYC 2007 this year, was my sudden second bout with Bells Palsy. Monday night Jared and I went to the ER in Knoxville TN (some very nice people there in Knoxville) to receive my 2nd diagnosis of Bells Palsy in 9 years. So after being on Steroids for a week, and an anti-viral as well as using more eyedrops then ever to keep my eye from drying out, I am doing ok.
The good thing about Bells Palsy-It doesn't hurt.
The stupid thing about Bells Palsy-It is hard to eat and drink, and I currently can't taste much of anything.

The good thing: God is so good and I am so thankful I know He is with me and who defines me, not this Bells Crappola!

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