Monday, November 20, 2006

Raking and then Running

Sunday after church we had our very first


as Fuel Student Ministries

What was so cool about it was that the event was not a fundraiser. It was simply a chance to be Jesus to others. And you know what? 30 jr. and sr. high students showed up while it was SNOWING to rake yards for people they didn't even know!

It was an awesome time and Jesus again showed us that He is the coolest ever!

Wedding Pics...


So What are YOU thankful for???


-peanut butter
-bbq sauce
-Rice a Roni
-A car
-The Price is Right

Friday, November 17, 2006

For the MOON

Just a few pics from the honeymoon-in Gatlinburg TN-where we had our own little cabin in the woods! It was pretty amazing!
The pics are from:
1) our cabin
2) in gatlinburg in a giant chair
3) hiking in the woods
4) the dixie stampede

Monday, November 13, 2006

Three things I am truly thankful for:

1) Grace found in Jesus Christ

2) My absolutely incredible husband JARED!!!

3) The opportunity to serve at CrossRoads

Friday, November 10, 2006

Slow Down...

I think each person should be reminded to do this at least once a day. Not once a week, or once a month. We all need to just slow down.

Life is far too short to rush through it all.

It's in those moments when I slow down enough when I hear God's voice.

It's in those moments when God's Word becomes real to me.

It's in those moments when I remember my first love...Jesus...

It's in those moments when I discover who I truly I...Because I see more of who God is.

Today I'm slowing down.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Married for Life:

What an amazing feeling after 25 years of praying, 2 years of friendship, a year of dating, and 5 months of planning-Jared and I are now husband and wife. And I couldn't be happier! This is now how life is for both of us...and I look forward to loving Jared more and more each day and each year we are alive here on this earth.

We had the most incredible wedding in the world-most of all because we were blessed by God's presence and the presence of our friends and family-so many who flew here from around the country (and a few from Canada too). We wouldn't have changed a thing about anything!

Jared and I are just amazed at how blessed we are-by each other, and by those supporting and loving us. Here are just a few of the amazing pictures Emily's husband Andrew took at our wedding: and we just went through a HUGE stack and narrowed it down to 104 pictures...yikes!