Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Micah Cryderman:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mourning the Loss of Maria Sue Chapman

I was so sad to hear the news that one of Steven Curtis Chapman's adopted daughters was tragically killed last week. You can find out more information at the blog they have set up.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Newest Nephew: Aaron James Chance!

The worst part about living across country from your family is not being able to be actively involved in their everyday lives, which also includes missing out on really special moments. Our newest nephew Aaron James was born this last Friday to Dan and Annette, making Tommy a big brother! We love our family and can't wait to meet the newest addition!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Big Move:

Well since my last post was about us selling everything and moving, I realized that not everyone who reads my blog may know about our most recent adventure God is taking us on--so here's the latest in the life of the Amerine's:

Jared has officially been accepted in the teacher certification program at Whitworth University in Spokane Washington! He wants to teach High School Math (I don't know how many people out there actually want to do that, my husband is one of a kind!) and will be excellent at it! Upon looking for the teacher certification programs in the area, we quickly discovered that it would take between 2-3 years for him to obtain his certification if we stayed here! Gross! I knew there had to be a program somewhere that would take about a year to complete. So we started looking-and began our search where my parents live in Spokane Washington. It only took looking into 1 school there: Whitworth University when we realized it would take him 9 months to complete the program! Not only that, but each person from the University that he spoke to was so helpful and welcoming. After weeks of searching, prayer and seeking out wise people (wisemen...get it) we decided this was the right move for us to make!

The move comes with sadness and grief of leaving our CrossRoads family, and the many students we have poured ourselves into, but we are very confident this is God's direction for us.

We're looking to move at the beginning of July, so if you want to buy any furniture...just stop over at the Crydo house Thursday or Friday!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Selling Everything We Own:

So Jared and I made the decision last night to sell basically everything we own-all our furniture is going bye bye. With the cost of moving it across the country, it's just not worth it..sad, but happy. It's a very freeing feeling-so the Garage Sale is on Thursday and Friday at the Crydo house if you need any furniture, clothing, or other misc. items:)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Newest Reading Material:

Like they say at McDonalds: "Ba Da Ba Ba Ba, I'm lovin It"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

For the 2nd year now I get to celebrate not just 1, but 2 mother's on this special day! Nancy Teal and Cathy Amerine are both in my life for 2 very different reasons, however I know that God has blessed me so much with each one in different ways.

Cathy Amerine (aka my mom "in-law") is just about the best mother in law around:) I know without a doubt that she loves me not just because I am married to her son, but she loves me for who I am. I am amazed each time we talk on the phone, send e-mails, and when we are actually lucky enough to see each other, how natural our conversations are. I love getting to know this woman who is my "mom" more and more everyday. She is caring, encouraging, fun, thoughtful, prayerful, and a wonderful example of how to be a Godly woman.

Nancy Teal (aka my mom) is probably one of the most selfless people on the planet. She gives and gives and never seems to tire of sacrificing for me, our family, her church, and most of all, our God. The list of things she has done for me would be far too numerous to write down, and the thanks she has gotten from me has probably been far too small. If I can be even slightly the woman that she is, then I know I will bless others.

These 2 special women have been crucial to my life and continuously have an effect on who I become. Thanks God for placing them in my life-I am blessed with 2 great moms:)