Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Big Move:

Well since my last post was about us selling everything and moving, I realized that not everyone who reads my blog may know about our most recent adventure God is taking us on--so here's the latest in the life of the Amerine's:

Jared has officially been accepted in the teacher certification program at Whitworth University in Spokane Washington! He wants to teach High School Math (I don't know how many people out there actually want to do that, my husband is one of a kind!) and will be excellent at it! Upon looking for the teacher certification programs in the area, we quickly discovered that it would take between 2-3 years for him to obtain his certification if we stayed here! Gross! I knew there had to be a program somewhere that would take about a year to complete. So we started looking-and began our search where my parents live in Spokane Washington. It only took looking into 1 school there: Whitworth University when we realized it would take him 9 months to complete the program! Not only that, but each person from the University that he spoke to was so helpful and welcoming. After weeks of searching, prayer and seeking out wise people (wisemen...get it) we decided this was the right move for us to make!

The move comes with sadness and grief of leaving our CrossRoads family, and the many students we have poured ourselves into, but we are very confident this is God's direction for us.

We're looking to move at the beginning of July, so if you want to buy any furniture...just stop over at the Crydo house Thursday or Friday!

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kt said...

moving can be SUCH a pain! but YAY for ADVENTURE!!! :-)