Wednesday, October 11, 2006

our engagement pics

10 More Days!

So here's the deal,

Jared and I get married in 10 days...pretty much that is the coolest thing ever!

Our friends start getting here in less then a week-which means I'm trying to get everything completed for work before they get here...

I can not wait to see my friends and get married-and I've been thinking recently about how quickly it is all going to fly by.

Before we know it, Jared and I will be another married couple in the world. Our party will be over, and everyone will be focusing on someone else. Not that I am desiring more attention, because I am not...However, it just puts life in perspective once again.

I can not imagine a more incredible person to spend my life with. Every day Jared amazes me more and more. I delight in knowing him and being known by him. He is one of the most amazing men I have ever met in my life. Thank You Lord for such an incredible blessing in my life!

Thursday, October 5, 2006


Well, Jared and I are getting married in just over 2 weeks! WOW! Praise the Lord that it is so close! Our 5 month engagement has gone by fairly fast thankfully-I am really glad it wasn't any longer then that...I don't know how people can be engaged for a year or more-GOO!

Not only am I thrilled beyond belief to become Angela Amerine-there is just so much that entails the happiness and joy I find in that honor.

Jared and I are also becoming overjoyed at the thought of seeing our family and friends again who live across the country from us. I am particularly excited to see Mom, Ryan, Jesse, Janelle, Melissa, Sari, Dan and Annette, Papa, and the Zahnizers. I am doubting I will sleep much the week of the wedding, but hey-you never know:)

Personally as the Bride, I am finding myself more humbled every day that Jared would select me and ask me if I will be his bride for our entire lives. Life with him gets more exciting everyday, and I delight in seeing him be the man God has made him to be. I feel undeserving of Jared's love-and that is because i am. Some people try to convince me otherwise, but I know that there is nothing I have done to deserve unconditional love. And it reminds me so much of Christ and His love for us. I do not deserve the unchanging love of Christ-and yet He offers it so freely! Thank You Lord!

I am so thankful now for this opportunity to experience more and more of God's love in my life as Jared and I come together to become one in just over 2 weeks!
I Have Been Blessed by:

~Seeing Jared everday and planning our wedding which is in 2 weeks

~Finally seeing my Best Friend Emily almost every day again after 3 years of not seeing her more then a few times a year

~My parents opening their house to me before I get married and just watching tv or hanging out with them

~Being able to see my bro and sis and nephews so much more!

~Mark and Mary Cryderman who have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable here

~The Jr. High and Sr. High students here who make me laugh and feel appreciated

~A wonderful church body-as well as church building facility to do almost anything in!

~The awesome place that Jared already moved into!

~The great people who have been so kind and supportive although they do not know us that well.
Things I miss about CA:

~I miss walking into Jared's house, and spending hours keeping Jesse from doing his homework.

~I miss when Robert was friends with me and we would sing "Here I am to Worship"

~I miss singing with Ryan every single Sunday and not even having to plan out or think about who is going to sing what part

~I miss all my roomates: Janelle, Lindz, Sari, Liz, and Carina

~I miss going to Classic Coffee with J

~I miss getting $20 full pedicures

~I miss the students in Long Beach-especially those in Jr. High

~I miss Melissa asking if she can randomly stay the night at my place

~I miss Sandra and Rebekah and their smiling faces and listening ears

~I miss the close access to the beach, mountains, Disney, and a lot of other things

~I miss going up to Livermore to hang out with Jared's fam.

~I miss when my roomates would jump on me to wake me up.

~I miss watching movies with my roomates on the big blue couch

Wow-I guess I'm feeling sentimental right now...