Thursday, October 5, 2006

Things I miss about CA:

~I miss walking into Jared's house, and spending hours keeping Jesse from doing his homework.

~I miss when Robert was friends with me and we would sing "Here I am to Worship"

~I miss singing with Ryan every single Sunday and not even having to plan out or think about who is going to sing what part

~I miss all my roomates: Janelle, Lindz, Sari, Liz, and Carina

~I miss going to Classic Coffee with J

~I miss getting $20 full pedicures

~I miss the students in Long Beach-especially those in Jr. High

~I miss Melissa asking if she can randomly stay the night at my place

~I miss Sandra and Rebekah and their smiling faces and listening ears

~I miss the close access to the beach, mountains, Disney, and a lot of other things

~I miss going up to Livermore to hang out with Jared's fam.

~I miss when my roomates would jump on me to wake me up.

~I miss watching movies with my roomates on the big blue couch

Wow-I guess I'm feeling sentimental right now...

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PMC said...

Maybe I'll bring my daughters over and have them wake you up by jumping on your bed!

When our room is finished (now, only days away!) you and Jared can come over, sit on our blue couch, and watch movies with us.

We're glad you're in Michigan!

The Crydo Five