Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gaucho? Goucho? Groucho? Gaaaaaooooocho?

What the heck is a gaucho? Who was the moron that invented the goucho? Why would anyone in their right mind want to own a gawwwwcho? seriously.
In my recent discussions with Jared and his 2 two roomates, I have discovered that there are some serious problems here.
Problem #1: Permanent Wedgie. Enough said.
Problem #2: Not flattering in ANY way. Wear these if you are NOT trying to attract anyone in their right minds.
Problem #3: Let's face it. There is a reason spandex were outlawed in several states including Texas.
Problem #4: I was up Gauching all night.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Many of us have heard the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet...A gross job but someone has to do it right??? But when was the last time we served someone? I mean really served them? Served someone when no one would notice...or when there was no "thank you". When was the last time you served someone who was in a lower position then you? Or someone who normally does not get noticed by anyone?
Jesus knew He was God's Son. He knew He was going back to heaven. And yet some of the very last things He chose to do, were make sure people around Him knew-He was there to serve.
I want to be like Jesus. How about you?

I Have 2 Favorite Nephews!

It is true! Not only do I have a favorite nephew already, but now I move onto favorite nephew #2! This little guy won't be around until the beginning of August, but I already feel how much I love him! More Teal boys to carry on the family name:)

Can you tell I'm excited?

Monday, March 6, 2006

It is over...

No longer am I the reigning Miss I sad???

Not really sad and not really happy either...kind of a weird state mixed somewhere inbetween. I am thankful it is over-pressure off of me...and thankful the night went well:
I was able to sing 3 times (the national anthem, The Impossible Dream, and I'll be Seeing You)
Jared was able to be there
I was able to boldly proclaim the name of Christ without being preachy in my farewell speech
I was able to crown the wrong girl-later take the crown off her head and put it on someone else...oh wait that was horrible!!!
I was able to be surrounded by My awesome roomates, Jared, and Dave and Shelby when all was said and done...

PLUS I got these awesome flowers!