Monday, March 6, 2006

It is over...

No longer am I the reigning Miss I sad???

Not really sad and not really happy either...kind of a weird state mixed somewhere inbetween. I am thankful it is over-pressure off of me...and thankful the night went well:
I was able to sing 3 times (the national anthem, The Impossible Dream, and I'll be Seeing You)
Jared was able to be there
I was able to boldly proclaim the name of Christ without being preachy in my farewell speech
I was able to crown the wrong girl-later take the crown off her head and put it on someone else...oh wait that was horrible!!!
I was able to be surrounded by My awesome roomates, Jared, and Dave and Shelby when all was said and done...

PLUS I got these awesome flowers!

1 comment:

Glenn said...

All that -- and you will always wear a crown in our hearts!