Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Amerine/Teal Adventure!!!

Well life certainly is crazy in so many ways-

Saturday May 27, 2006 Jared Robert Amerine got down on his knee at Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach CA and asked me to be his wife!!!

That moment that us women dream of as little girls, teenagers, and grown women has finally arrived for me. And let me tell you, nothing could have prepared me for this!

Once again Jared managed to surprise me like only he can. That moment when he dropped to his knee was truly amazing. As I described to my best friend Emily, seeing that act of humility for a grown man to get on his knee, offer all the love he has to give and ask me to spend my life as his wife was breathtaking! I could hardly form the word "yes" through my mess of happy tears!!!

I sit here on my couch 2 days later still in shock at this gorgeous ring on my finger representing a promise of a lifetime commitment! Our prayer is that the Lord would receive all the glory and honor through who we are and all we do!

Jared and I are currently working on a web site-we will have it up shortly! Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we continue on this adventure set before us!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pictures from Youth Group last week!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Hobby:

My boyfriend Jared has a new hobby. Selling our old crap on e-bay. I have thought about it before, but don't have the patience to read through everything and actually DO it. So if you are looking for a camera, cell phone, or I think he's even selling a labtop, you can find it all on e-bay.

I just bought 2 TaeBo DVD's from e-bay. It's kind of cool.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Ode to My Mother:

Nancy Jane Teal

Many people think they have wonderful moms

Maybe they are right

But they are missing out

because they don't have my mom.

Many people may think their moms love them

They may be right

But probably not as much as my mom loves me and my brother.

Many people think their mom makes the best deviled eggs and potato salad

But they are wrong

My mom does.

Many people think their moms are servants

And they probably are

But my mom has made more sacrifices then I can even count.

Many people may brag about how their mom does everything just right

But not me...

You see, I know my mom is imperfect

I know she feels pain

But I understand one thing

No matter what she does...

Or what she says...

It comes from the love given her by Christ

And that makes my mom the Greatest mom in the entire world.

I love you mom.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Me and Ailey and her mommy

Well Jared and I just returned from our little visit to good ole' Michigan. We had an AWESOME time-every night before we would go upstairs (to seperate rooms of course) to bed, Jared would tell me "Ang, I am having so much fun with your family!" Here's a run down of all we did in a few short days we were there:

-Mom and Dad picked us up from the old airport at DTW and we drove out to LAMBERTVILLE (what a name huh?)

-Jared and I ran off to Emily and Andrew's to see little baby Ailey-my favorite baby girl! We had an awesome time with them!
-Stopped by Vanessa's grave
-Met up with mom, dad, Alex, and Becky and Evan at mom and dad's house
-For a minute I am going to brag about my nephew. He is the smartest baby in the entire world. He's almost 2 and he can not only say his abc's, but he can fill in the blanks if you leave out certain letters! He knows actions to songs...seriously...he's so awesome. PLUS he totally knows who I am and loves me:)
-We played games into the night-speed scrabble is amazing!

-Did my Tae Bo dvd
-Went to McDonalds with the fam for lunch
-Played over and over with Evan

-Went to CrossRoads-what an awesome blessing in many ways! My uncle spoke on Marriage and did it wonderfully!
-Ate with uncle Tom and aunt Noni
-Watched a movie with mom and dad

-Breakfast date with dad:)
-Shopping with Jared:)
-Trip to Ann Arbor with mom and dad:)

-Made breakfast with Jared for mom and dad
-Left on a plane and came back to Cali!

What an awesome blessing this trip was in so many ways!