Tuesday, May 2, 2006


Well Jared and I just returned from our little visit to good ole' Michigan. We had an AWESOME time-every night before we would go upstairs (to seperate rooms of course) to bed, Jared would tell me "Ang, I am having so much fun with your family!" Here's a run down of all we did in a few short days we were there:

-Mom and Dad picked us up from the old airport at DTW and we drove out to LAMBERTVILLE (what a name huh?)

-Jared and I ran off to Emily and Andrew's to see little baby Ailey-my favorite baby girl! We had an awesome time with them!
-Stopped by Vanessa's grave
-Met up with mom, dad, Alex, and Becky and Evan at mom and dad's house
-For a minute I am going to brag about my nephew. He is the smartest baby in the entire world. He's almost 2 and he can not only say his abc's, but he can fill in the blanks if you leave out certain letters! He knows actions to songs...seriously...he's so awesome. PLUS he totally knows who I am and loves me:)
-We played games into the night-speed scrabble is amazing!

-Did my Tae Bo dvd
-Went to McDonalds with the fam for lunch
-Played over and over with Evan

-Went to CrossRoads-what an awesome blessing in many ways! My uncle spoke on Marriage and did it wonderfully!
-Ate with uncle Tom and aunt Noni
-Watched a movie with mom and dad

-Breakfast date with dad:)
-Shopping with Jared:)
-Trip to Ann Arbor with mom and dad:)

-Made breakfast with Jared for mom and dad
-Left on a plane and came back to Cali!

What an awesome blessing this trip was in so many ways!

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rosydot said...

What a rich heritage you have with Glenn and Nancy as parents! From your comments, I could truly imagine the fun and meaningful times you and Jared had on your visit.