Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Ode to My Mother:

Nancy Jane Teal

Many people think they have wonderful moms

Maybe they are right

But they are missing out

because they don't have my mom.

Many people may think their moms love them

They may be right

But probably not as much as my mom loves me and my brother.

Many people think their mom makes the best deviled eggs and potato salad

But they are wrong

My mom does.

Many people think their moms are servants

And they probably are

But my mom has made more sacrifices then I can even count.

Many people may brag about how their mom does everything just right

But not me...

You see, I know my mom is imperfect

I know she feels pain

But I understand one thing

No matter what she does...

Or what she says...

It comes from the love given her by Christ

And that makes my mom the Greatest mom in the entire world.

I love you mom.


Glenn said...

Nice! I agree.

jessica said...

Very Neat! But I also have the best mom too!! So lucky we are.

alex said...

yeah 4 mom

Melissa said...

What a great tribute! You do have an amazing mom!