Thursday, July 31, 2008

Praying for My Friends:

For more then a year now my friend Mitch has been battling with Leukemia. It sucks. There have been many ups and downs, and my newly engaged friend is in an extreme down time right now. Many prayers are being sent up by myself and the entire Timberview family-and lots of others who know (and probably don't know) Mitch. Please join me in prayer for Mitch and his fiance Chelsea and his family.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupid Adidas
And the New Asics

Running Shoe Update...

About a month ago I saw my dear friend Mary go through the difficulty of trying to find new running shoes that worked for her. I think she had tried about 5 different pair before she finally found some that didn't hurt her feet!
Well my asics have done me well for the last year and a half, but recently I have noticed they were needing to be replaced-thus the hunt for new shoes began.
I wanted to have an open mind--"I don't have to stay with Asics...don't be a running shoe snob." So I branched out, trying on many different brands and styles within my price range. I found a pair of Adidas and thought..."Hey, I think these might work!" Unfortunately they did not have my size in the store, so I had to wait patiently for a week before my new shoes showed up on our front porch.

I had a great run with my new shoes-didn't think about my feet at all while I was running which is great! When I got home however, I looked down and saw they the tongue of the shoes had rubbed my ankle raw! I was hoping I had maybe laced them wrong or something, so I tried them for one more day...where it only made it worse, creating a lovely scab on my leg.
So yesterday, we took the shoes back, and traded them in for...
Asics! Asics TN776 to be exact. I love how they are tighter in the middle of my foot, but very open at the toes. I am about to go out and try out the new shoes, so hopefully I return as a satisfied customer once again of Asics!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Floating down the River...

So with Jared and I currently jobless, we are trying to enjoy our "forced vacation" as we like to call it :) For the last few days, not only have we been job searching, but we have been enjoying getting to know the area of Spokane.
Our new favorite spot is the Little Spokane River-in our own little raft!
Yesterday was an absolute riot as we had purchased a "2 person" raft...that was the smallest thing in the world which was really made for 2 5 year olds. So there we are, trying to get into this little tiny raft with 2 life jackets, a backpack with 2 towels in it, and our sandals, not to mention the oars. I could not stop laughing--the more frustrated Jared got, the funnier the situation was to me!! Although he did not find it as humerous as I did at first, he eventually saw the hilarity of everything:)
Today, we took the stupid raft back, and purchased a new larger 3 person raft that actually fits 3 people! We then went back on the river and about half way through the ride, totally ran into a mama moose and 2 babies!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! I was a bit freaky at first since a mama moose with her babies has been known to be kind of scary and fierce--but this mama just let us go right by while she fed them with some branches:)
Love the days we are enjoying together!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My New Favorite Movie!!!

I LOVE Bride and Prejudice!!

Tonight marks the 2nd time I have seen this movie and I just love it so so much! This will definetly need to be added to my DVD collection:) If you haven't seen it, please do! It has wonderful music, color, and culture-love it love it love it.

The Cramerines...

Week 1 in Spokane:
Went to Timberview Christian Fellowship
Lunch with Aunt Judy and Steve and peeps from church
Bouce Ball

Picked up a billion packages we sent to ourselves-Yay now we have clothes!
Bought hangers for clothes
Picked up Application for Starbucks
Work Out

Went running outside-Boo ya-oh ya, high altitude made my lungs want to expolode
Coffee and Ice Cream with the fam

Work out
Met with Whitworth University Peeps
Jared met with Job opportunity peeps

Running Outside!
Went to Timberview to use computer/printer/fax
Batman-The Dark Knight. Good, but I was tired!

Visited with Timberview peeps
Went to Grandma's house
Swimming at Sun Lakes
Grand Coulee Dam

Running outside
Washed cars
Weeded mom's garden
Wrote Letters

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finally Home...

Late last night Jared and myself with my parents along the way, arrived at Spokane Washington our new home! It was an incredible trip for so many reasons and in so many ways.
Night #1 was spent in Colfax Iowa...very exciting town.
Night #2 was spent in Wall South Dakota right next to the famous Wall Drug! Boo Ya!
Night #3 was spent in Gilette Wyoming since we spent the majority of the day driving to Mt. Rushmore and around the area.

Lots of driving and lots of great conversations. Jared and I also finished reading "The Shack" which brought about some excellent convo and even some emotional moments. Arriving in Spokane last night was a very unifying time for us as husband and wife as we prayed ourselves into the city. I told God "You had me at hello, it's always been I'll do whatever You want, and it's still the same".

We are so excited to be here!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Packing Up and Moving On

It's hard to believe Jared and I are moving again. It is so strange how quickly the last 2 years of my life have gone by, and yet it is truly amazing how close I feel to the volunteers, students, and many other families here at CrossRoads. I consider it such an honor that we have been able to serve the students of CrossRoads. We have had so many really fun moments, probably some of the most fun in my ministry career. I have learned so much from these 12-18 yr. old students about God and about relationships, and I know I am a better person because of them. My office "cube" looks so bear empty and boring-not even remotely resembling the few years I have had here. But I am very thankful that although I will not physically be here anymore, God is bigger then that. He gives us relationships as a gift that we can take with us no matter where we go.

Tonight is our Farewell Party with the students. Part of me is really excited to see everyone again like I've come so accustomed to over the last few years, but the other part of me does not want to face the fact that this is the last time we will be having a youth event. The last time we will see these people who I love so much. I hope tonight that we are able to convey to everyone just how much they mean to us and how amazing God's plan is for the students at CrossRoads.