Friday, July 25, 2008

Floating down the River...

So with Jared and I currently jobless, we are trying to enjoy our "forced vacation" as we like to call it :) For the last few days, not only have we been job searching, but we have been enjoying getting to know the area of Spokane.
Our new favorite spot is the Little Spokane River-in our own little raft!
Yesterday was an absolute riot as we had purchased a "2 person" raft...that was the smallest thing in the world which was really made for 2 5 year olds. So there we are, trying to get into this little tiny raft with 2 life jackets, a backpack with 2 towels in it, and our sandals, not to mention the oars. I could not stop laughing--the more frustrated Jared got, the funnier the situation was to me!! Although he did not find it as humerous as I did at first, he eventually saw the hilarity of everything:)
Today, we took the stupid raft back, and purchased a new larger 3 person raft that actually fits 3 people! We then went back on the river and about half way through the ride, totally ran into a mama moose and 2 babies!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! I was a bit freaky at first since a mama moose with her babies has been known to be kind of scary and fierce--but this mama just let us go right by while she fed them with some branches:)
Love the days we are enjoying together!!

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Cathey said...

Did anyone warn you that the Little Spokane is the only river in the state of WA in which the land underneath is owned by the homeowners on either side of the river? Have fun, but stay on the water - some of those residents have been known to get persnickety! P.S. Those moose babies are awesome!