Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupid Adidas
And the New Asics

Running Shoe Update...

About a month ago I saw my dear friend Mary go through the difficulty of trying to find new running shoes that worked for her. I think she had tried about 5 different pair before she finally found some that didn't hurt her feet!
Well my asics have done me well for the last year and a half, but recently I have noticed they were needing to be replaced-thus the hunt for new shoes began.
I wanted to have an open mind--"I don't have to stay with Asics...don't be a running shoe snob." So I branched out, trying on many different brands and styles within my price range. I found a pair of Adidas and thought..."Hey, I think these might work!" Unfortunately they did not have my size in the store, so I had to wait patiently for a week before my new shoes showed up on our front porch.

I had a great run with my new shoes-didn't think about my feet at all while I was running which is great! When I got home however, I looked down and saw they the tongue of the shoes had rubbed my ankle raw! I was hoping I had maybe laced them wrong or something, so I tried them for one more day...where it only made it worse, creating a lovely scab on my leg.
So yesterday, we took the shoes back, and traded them in for...
Asics! Asics TN776 to be exact. I love how they are tighter in the middle of my foot, but very open at the toes. I am about to go out and try out the new shoes, so hopefully I return as a satisfied customer once again of Asics!


chaff "4" said...

I find this funny. I took up the running thing and went to get myself a pair of shoes. I bought Asics. The ones in the picture look like the ones I got. My feet were a mess from them. I went into the runner's sole downtown and got fitted for a pair of shoes. What did I like best but the adidas you have shown in the picture. I have bought the same pair about 5 times now. I love them and would never get anything different. Funny how different peoples feet can be. Also, try the runners sole. you can test out the shoes on a little run and they keep you in the computer so it makes it easy to remember what you wear. They are trained in finding you just the right shoe. Kim

kt said...

ditto! Call me a shoe snob but I ALWAYS end up w/ --you guessed it--ADIDAS! lol

Did you really have a pair for over a year? Shouldn't be more than a few months....depending on mileage!