Monday, July 12, 2010

Recovery and Celebration!!


I just ran a marathon. A real true live marathon! The preparations in getting ready for the event have been such a long process...5 months of training, but much more then that mentally preparing. It has been a life goal of mine for a few years now to run a marathon, and to run it with my husband. Yesterday I accomplished that unbelievable goal. Unbelievable in the sense that I know with all my heart that I could not have done the race without God's strength. Running this race was an amazing way to connect with God--enjoying His beauty in people and in creation, and in the ability to push through the pain, even when I felt I could now take another step-I was reminded it is Christ's power IN me, living in me, working through me-to take me further then ever before.

Highlights of the Race:
Having my Parents there. I can not express enough how much it meant to me to have my parents there supporting us not only emotionally, but physically being there. At about mile 20, 24, and 25, my parents were there holding signs, cheering for us--telling us how good we looked (even though I'm sure we looked like Zombie's with concrete shoes). I have probably some of the very best parents in the entire world. No exaggeration.

Watching the Sunset over the Mountains:
Probably my favorite moment of the morning in terms of connecting with the Creator. I could not stop looking over to the side as the gorgeous rays of sunlight shattered the skies. "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God".

Seeing Jared and Daniel push through the pain:
I think worse than experiencing any physical pain myself, was seeing Daniel and Jared experience pain. Jared is always the encourager for me, and for one of the first times ever, I was the one being the encourager. And boy did they make me proud. Jared is one of the most amazing men I've ever met in my life--and being with him while I know he was going through excruciating pain, and still going was an amazing moment.


Nothing else to sum it up. You can actually see our finish here

Just type in my bib number: 20

~Angela M.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

1 Week to Go...

It's hard to believe that after about 4 or so months of training, the marathon is only 1 weeks away. I can almost feel the muscle and joint fatigue already! My 20 mile run earlier this week proved to go over better then I thought---I was even able to work a 4 hour shift at work an hour after I had finished running. The difficult thing about this week is actually the lack of running we will be doing. Short runs of about 4-6 miles with 1-2 days of rest somewhere in there.
I am so often reminded during the run that "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". I'm sure that verse will be quoted more times then ever before next Sunday morning! In the meantime, resting, stretching and light running. I'm about to go out the door for my last "long run"--just 10 miles today. Never thought I would say I'm "Just" going to go run 10 miles!!
~Angela M.