Sunday, July 4, 2010

1 Week to Go...

It's hard to believe that after about 4 or so months of training, the marathon is only 1 weeks away. I can almost feel the muscle and joint fatigue already! My 20 mile run earlier this week proved to go over better then I thought---I was even able to work a 4 hour shift at work an hour after I had finished running. The difficult thing about this week is actually the lack of running we will be doing. Short runs of about 4-6 miles with 1-2 days of rest somewhere in there.
I am so often reminded during the run that "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". I'm sure that verse will be quoted more times then ever before next Sunday morning! In the meantime, resting, stretching and light running. I'm about to go out the door for my last "long run"--just 10 miles today. Never thought I would say I'm "Just" going to go run 10 miles!!
~Angela M.


alex said...

YOU CAN DO IT! probably:)


cloudveil said...

I on my training this month, I read your post for hoping that marathon stories can inspired me and like you blog post it's nice.