Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Parades are Funny:

So after being in 3 parades, I have decided they are one of our most ridiculous cultural fads! People line the streets in the masses, sit down or stand in the sun for hours on end. Other people decide to ride horses, drive cars, or maybe just walk through the street. And then all at the same time they all wave. Just wave like they have never waved before. What's worse is that the parents force the little babies to wave, so at an early age, these babies think that parades are cool! Seriously people. We may need to get help.
All that said. I must admit that being in a parade-as weird as the custom is-is pretty sweet. Plus, it'll probably never happen again-next time I'll be a waver on the side;)

Just a few pictures from our jr high girls sleepover!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

God is Incredible!

I simply can not begin to express how amazing the Lord is!
We had our big youth event tonight that we have been planning for the last few months. It was absolutely amazing!
Over 100 students there-over 130 total-over 20 visiting students-over 20 first time and re-commitments to Christ!
How humbling to be used by God! How great to be a part of His plan! How awesome to see over and hundred jr and sr high students worship the Lord-be excited about each other, and join in true fellowship with one another!
God truly does more then we could ask or imagine!
I love you Lord!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Feeling Special...

You all know those people...the ones who just make you feel special...It may be in the way they talk to you...they way they treat you...The attention they give to you...
I am very blessed-there are several people who make me feel extra special. Fortunately I have been able to spend more and more time with these people...
Am I lucky or what!?


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Best Nephew Ever!!!

Now I know several people who think they have the best nephew's or niece's so I thought I should clear up the record.

There is only 1 best nephew and his name is Evan Alexander Teal...No...you can't have him or trade in your nephew for him...He is mine....

And just because he has no idea who I am has no reflection of his adoration for me:)