Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Parades are Funny:

So after being in 3 parades, I have decided they are one of our most ridiculous cultural fads! People line the streets in the masses, sit down or stand in the sun for hours on end. Other people decide to ride horses, drive cars, or maybe just walk through the street. And then all at the same time they all wave. Just wave like they have never waved before. What's worse is that the parents force the little babies to wave, so at an early age, these babies think that parades are cool! Seriously people. We may need to get help.
All that said. I must admit that being in a parade-as weird as the custom is-is pretty sweet. Plus, it'll probably never happen again-next time I'll be a waver on the side;)


Glenn said...


Glenn said...

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Love you

Rick Velich said...

It's fun driving fire engines in parades Angela. That is a great observation though... parades are very... illogical... as Spock would say. No... I am not a Trekky (can't even spell it right, I don't think).

Oh... and thanks for trashing me Pastor Glenn! Just jokin'... it wasn't me... really.