Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Running/Biking Playlist:

Bonito-Jarabe DePalo
You Are Good-Israel Houghton
Da Le Yaleo-Santana
My God-Hillsong
Make It Glorious-Tommy Walker
Sunday Mornings-Maroon 5
You Found Me-FFH
You Are Here-Need To Breathe
Irene-Toby Mac
How Sweet It Is-Michael Buble
No One Like You-David Crowder Band
Take My Hand-Shawn McDonald
Revolutionary Love-David Crowder Band
Sway-Michael Buble
I'm Not Alright-Sanctus Real
Save the Last Dance-Michael Buble
Everything About You-Sanctus Real
Let God Arise-Chris Tomlin
This Love-Maroon 5
Filled with Your Glory-Starfield
Canned HeatJamiroquai
Your Grace is Enough-Chris Tomlin
Love Addict-Family Force 5
Crazy Little Thing Called Love-Michael Buble
Free-Shawn McDonald
Beautiful Day-Sanctus Real

I-Pod. Don't Leave Home Without It.
~Angela M.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Official:

I just did it. I registered myself and Jared for the Spokane Triathlon...Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!! There is no turning back (not after the registration fees!) and I am excited...but mostly nervous!!!! We have 9.5 weeks to get prepared for the race-and so far the training is going really well. Today was the first day it actually felt do-able. You can check out the race maps and everything at

Sept 13th...come cheer us on if you want!!!

~Angela M.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From the Rising of the Sun to the setting of the Same...

I love a wonderful weekend alone with my Savior and my husband. I love enjoying the Lord's creation--He is amazing amazing amazing--I love Him more and more everyday.

~Angela M.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Triathalon Training...Part 3 now in place

So here Jared and I are on the road to the Spokane Triathalon on Sept 13, and we finally started the 3rd component tonight: Swimming.

Now I go swimming every now and then, but not this kind of swimming. We're talking lap swimming---something I have not done since probably 8th grade or maybe before then. And in case you didn't know my age, that was about 14-15 years ago!!! And I was never that good at it.
Jared on the other hand is like a fish in the water! I knew he was on the swim and water polo teams in high school, but he impressed me so much tonight--it was like Michael Phelps in the pool breaking a new world record!!!!
Needless to say, tonight was tough. Just when I start getting confident in my running abilities, I learn just how difficult swimming the 1500 meters will be...
Not to mention the 24.9 miles and 6.1 mile run after that!!!

September 13th-bring it on!!!
~Angela M.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let Your Conversation be Seasoned with Salt...

This morning my mom was re-telling us the story of her trip to Wal-Mart yesterday, which sounded a lot like trips I have taken to that store many times as well as trips to Winco...

The trip to Wal-Mart seemed to be a family affair, as there were many parents with multiple children, and she said she was just appaulled with how many parents were yelling at their children-full on yelling at them in the store, parking lot, anywhere really. This of course reminded me of a recent trip to Winco where Jared and I overheard a young mother telling her 8 year old son to "get the f*** of my purse!".

There is something really disgusting about our culture, parents yelling at their children, kids screaming back at them...people are just creating a viscious cycle of dis-respect and just disgusting behaviour! Now I know that I am not perfect and have said many unkind things in my life, however, my parents instilled in me that there are certain things you say and don't say to others, as well as how the tone in your voice portrays messages to everyone around you. Our culture needs lessons on how to talk respectfully to others FAST!

I believe all these stupid reality TV shows where the contestants feel the need/right to scream at others in order to get what they want is not helping the state of our culture. We are simply teaching the viewers at home that it is normal and acceptable to not have respect for others.

I believe it is perhaps best spoken of in Matthew 12:34 "For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks."

~Angela M.