Thursday, July 9, 2009

Triathalon Training...Part 3 now in place

So here Jared and I are on the road to the Spokane Triathalon on Sept 13, and we finally started the 3rd component tonight: Swimming.

Now I go swimming every now and then, but not this kind of swimming. We're talking lap swimming---something I have not done since probably 8th grade or maybe before then. And in case you didn't know my age, that was about 14-15 years ago!!! And I was never that good at it.
Jared on the other hand is like a fish in the water! I knew he was on the swim and water polo teams in high school, but he impressed me so much tonight--it was like Michael Phelps in the pool breaking a new world record!!!!
Needless to say, tonight was tough. Just when I start getting confident in my running abilities, I learn just how difficult swimming the 1500 meters will be...
Not to mention the 24.9 miles and 6.1 mile run after that!!!

September 13th-bring it on!!!
~Angela M.

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Rachel said...

Ang, you are seriously so inspiring! I love it! Keep on working at it, you are doing so amazing! I wish I could come and cheer you on, cause I totally would!