Thursday, October 5, 2006

I Have Been Blessed by:

~Seeing Jared everday and planning our wedding which is in 2 weeks

~Finally seeing my Best Friend Emily almost every day again after 3 years of not seeing her more then a few times a year

~My parents opening their house to me before I get married and just watching tv or hanging out with them

~Being able to see my bro and sis and nephews so much more!

~Mark and Mary Cryderman who have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable here

~The Jr. High and Sr. High students here who make me laugh and feel appreciated

~A wonderful church body-as well as church building facility to do almost anything in!

~The awesome place that Jared already moved into!

~The great people who have been so kind and supportive although they do not know us that well.

1 comment:

Emily Smith said...

for the record... number 2 on this list is a personal favorite! : ) love you...