Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrating A Hero:

It was one of my dearest friends/hero/amazing woman of God birthday yesterday! Mary Crydo turned 30 yesterday (again):) She is such a special person in my life and has taught me so much about being a woman of God (though I have a long long way to go!) Mary is married to Mark who is a Lead Pastor at an awesome church in Portage MI. She and Mark have 3 of the most amazing kids in the world---which only attests to what an awesome job she has done as a mother! When I look at how they turned out it really inspires me of the importance of being a mom and what a difference it can make in this world. Mary is also a cancer survivor--several years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but now after surgery and much prayers--BOO YA!! cancer is gone!!!
Mary also inspires me because she is a runner. This may seem silly, but Mary has really never been a runner. She has been a walker-especially after having cancer. Mary and I would meet up at Lifestyles and walk together on the treadmills (it was FREEZING outside)-we would talk and pray together. Pretty soon, Mary who used to tell me she could never run, started walking for 5 min, running for 1 min...for an hour. Not much later, she was running 5 min and walking 1! Now Mary calls me up the other day to tell me she just ran 7 miles!!!! WOW!!!
Mary has poured her heart out for the Lord's Kingdom time and time again. She is a prayer warrior, spending lots of time connecting her heart to that of the Father. She gives so much of her time, energy and joy to all those around her. I just LOVE that she is one of my closest friends and find it to be such a blessing in my own life. We have prayed together, lived together, dyed our hair together, cried together, laughed and laughed and laughed together, worked out together, run together, worked like Huskies together, and made Daniel fast food together!
Thank you Mary for inspiring me most every day. Your character is challenging and encouraging! Happy Birthday to my Hero!
~Angela M.


alex said...

hooray for Mary!

Anonymous said...

Angela - I most certainly agree. Mary is an incredible inspiration. I miss the prayer times I had with her while we were at CrossRoads. Christian parents are always grateful that God brings others into the lives of their children to help shape them. Mary has been a wonderful influence and mentor to you. I love Mary, and I love you! - Mom