Monday, June 1, 2009

Our New Hobby

We LOVE rafting down the river! And this last weekend we got to ride down with 8 of our fantastic friends---and boy was it ever an adventure!!! The police in Spokane are saying the river in dangerous and the water is really cold, but we disagree. The only thing that made the rafting somewhat scary was the massive construction they are doing on the Barker bridge. We had to get out of the river and then walk about 2 miles with all our gear until we could put in again! But we loved it! Can't wait to go again soon.

(as you can tell, we like to have Jared do all the grunt work, I just sit and look pretty)
~Angela M.


alex said...

yeah for rafting! now you just need to mix in some rapids

theliferearranged said...

now that seems like something I could get into too! Looks like you're loving life Ang! I hope that ankle is feeling better!