Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Post for a New Day

Today is June 21st. My brother Alex is 30 today--it's Father's Day, and also the 1st day of summer. Why it chooses to be 57 degrees and rainy on the 1st day of summer I'll never know. Father's Day-we decided to go with the golf outing as a gift for my dad, so it looks like Thursday will be golfing galivanting! (hopefully it won't be 57 then).

Oh ya, and my brother is 30 today. Which is really weird. really.
You know when you're a kid and you just feel like you will always be a kid? Well I guess I just always thought we would be kids...and then teens...young adults...young married couples...and here my brother Alex is, married for 8 years now with 3 kids to his credit (the best sister in law and niece and nephews anyone could ask for by the way). and now he is 30. Which means we are not kids anymore (in case the marriage and kids thing didn't give it away already). The one truly great thing about getting older that you don't always get as a youngster is you learn to really appreciate your siblings, or in my case, sibling-singular. Alex and I always played together as children and had lots of fun, but I really do enjoy all the laughter and friendship that we have now. As scary as it is to get older, I embrace the changes that it brings with it.

Happy Birthday Bro. Happy Father's Day Alex and Dad. And Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone.

~Angela M.

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alex said...

thanks. You are a great sister:)