Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Lesson Well Learned:

So whenever I'm running or biking, I never want to take my cell phone with me because I have no place to put it, and I'm like "I don't need it".

Today I went for a nice long bike ride for my workout since I've been waiting to run for another day to help my ankle heal from last week. Jared and my parents knew I was going for a ride, and I knew I would be getting home before Jared so I didn't think it made sense to even try to bring my phone.

I went on a lovely ride down midway road, and over to the little spokane road-exploring through side streets etc. I did some serious biking, because I believe a workout should be insanely intense (see previous post) and because I'm crazy. Just over half way through my bike ride, I discovered this new little park right on the little spokane river, and I thought to myself "oooo, I should ride down there and check it out!" So i did. I went through the grass to the river. Looked at it, and then decided it was time to continue on my journey, especially since I knew I had the dreaded wandermere hill to climb...(it's a looong uphill rd. for those who don't live around here). When I left the park, I noticed a stick wedged in my tire, so I pulled over and removed the stick...only to immediately hear a hissing sound "oh crap, i popped my tire and I'm like 2 miles from home!". I decided to go as far as I could on my bike before the tire went completely flat (which was about .15 miles). Then I started my ridiculously long and strenuous walk up the stupid road with my stupid bike.

Did I mention it was 85 degrees outside???

I finally made it home. Next time, I am taking water and my phone. Lesson learned.
~Angela M.


alex said...

oooh. you need a fanny pack!

Megan said...

Oh bummer. A fanny pack is a great idea! Probably a hot pink one would be best. I don't think they sell them in the stores anymore though. You may have to check ebay or hit some yard sales, haha.

Becky Teal said...

I could give you Alex's neon fanny...he never seems to use it!?