Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheese and Rice!!!

Yesterday while working at the drive thru at Starbees, I had several customers complaining about how windy and cold the weather had which I agreed. Their reply was "I just can't stand this (fill in with explative here) weather anymore!" This happened late on in the day where a customer used a gross curse word to emphasize what theyr were saying and I think they were trying to sound funny as well. What they didn't realize is how rude and offensive it came off! I just can't stand when people I don't even know think it is ok or funny to use crude curse words in their conversations!

I can still recall the day in 2nd grade when I discovered curse words. I was playing during recess and a fellow student used a swear word, and they discovered I was not also saying these words. They asked me why I did not swear. I knew it was wrong and that it didn't honor God, but I suposse I did not have the courage to stand up for myself. So I swore. All day long, I think I used about every curse word I could think of-yes I gave into peer pressure-even though the words just sounded stupid coming out of my mouth. I'm not sure what changed my mind--I don't remember if I told my parents about what happened or if I just decided I wasn't going to do it anymore, but the next day at recess, I proudly walked up to my girlfriend and told her "I'm not going to swear because God doesn't want me to, and because it sounds stupid."

Pretty profound words I could basically say still today. I know that swearing is not the worst thing I could do, and I know it does not make you less of a christian if you do...but I just don't see how it is honoring to the Lord.

Now even if you are not a Christian, or if you are and don't feel any personal conviction about it, there are several more reasons I would have for not using these words:

1) It sounds un-educated
2) It sounds rude
3) It sounds inconsiderate
4) It can be very offensive
5) There are more creative words to use
6) You never know how the person you are talking to will take it
7) It does NOT sound cool
oh and 8) Your mom might wash your mouth out with soap

~Angela M.

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Anonymous said...

Angela - My mother did wash my mouth out with soap as a child. I was sassing her, she had enough and in came the soap. Needles to say, it was so awful I decided I could never do it to my children. And yes, I stopped sassing my Mom. So I guess I worked. - Love, Mom