Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Updating

Every time I go to my blog to check and see who on my list has updated their blog, I'm like "Why hasn't anyone updated their blog!?!" and then I realize it's been a good week since I've updated mine!!! (oops!)

Last week was a big week for us. It was the season finale of Biggest Loser and LOST, so needless to say, we had a few late nights at our house. Now I'm not a TV junkie and I know I have wasted waaaayyy too many hours in front of the stupid thing, but LOST is practically real life. If you have never watched the show, I encourage you to find someone who owns season 1 and borrow it, or rent it. Jared and I did not start watching until season 3 had started. I remember the day was the day after Christmas, and Jared and I had bought Alex (my bro) a LOST season 1 puzzle, and Becky (my sis in law) had bought him a season 2 LOST puzzle. We worked with him to put them both together, and when they were complete, we had so many questions about all the different scenes that compiled together to create the puzzle...things like "what the heck is a hatch?" "what's the big deal with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42?" "Where is the island?"
By the time my brother explained everything, Jared and I asked to borrow their season 1...and then we watched and watched and watched the show! It would be 1:30 in the morning and I'd ask Jared...just one more episode before we go to bed please!!!...and we would.
With only one more season to go I still have so many questions about what is happening on the island, and 2010 can't come fast enough!

Anyways, that was all to say, last week was a big week for us.

~Angela M.


Becky Teal said...

We just loved the finale too!! It is going to be really difficult to wait that long and really sad when it's all over. :(

alex said...

yeah lost! we need to get a schedule for the next season so you guys can fly out here for the series finale!