Monday, May 4, 2009

My Results:

Angela M Amerine

Finish Time: 1:04:20

Overall Place: 3,947 out of 44,490

Ran with a pace of 8:37 per mile

The average pace for 28-year-olds was 13:40

Placed 119th among 827 people the same age

Placed 37th among 582 people from Colbert, WA

Placed 2,992nd among 35,983 people from Washington

Placed 1st among 2 people with the same last name

Placed 996th among 26,349 females

Placed 30th out of 536 among 28-year-old females

~Angela M.


Alya Croft said...

Let me guess, the other Amerine was Jared?

Rachel said...

Wow! You run way faster than me! Awesome job. Are you going to keep running? What is your next goal???