Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drive Thru etiquette

So after working at Starbee's for almost a year now, and spending the majority of that time in the drive thru, I have decided to create a list of Drive Thru etiquette---trust me, there are many people who really need to see this:

-When arriving to the speaker box, let the person finish their little schpeal-they are supposed to offer certain "promotions"

-Please speak clearly and just a bit louder then normal. Often times there are people speaking into the other ear of the person taking the order--or a jack hammer if they are doing construction next door.

-It is helpful (but not necessary) if you have your money ready

-If the person taking your order asks you to repeat it, they do speak english, they just need to hear it one more time. You'd be surprised to know how easy it is to get orders mixed up.

-When you pull up to the speaker box and only say "hello, I'll have my usual"--they CAN NOT SEE YOU. If you do not identify yourself, and the person taking your order does not identify themselves as a psychic, please don't expect them to know your order.

-When there is a new person at the window then you have seen before, please do not ask them "where is the A team?" (that happened to me today...thanks)

-When picking up your order-go ahead and take the time to taste your drink to make sure it is what you want. I would rather re-make a drink then have you pay for something that you didn't want.

-A smile and a positive attitude can make the day of a drive thru worker!

There is my short little list. I'm so grateful for my experience working at Starbee's! It has really opened my eyes and shown me to be Jesus even more in this world.

~Angela M.

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Becky Teal said...

I just scream at the box, throw my money and honk my horn a lot...that works too!