Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minor Setback...

As previously mentioned, Jared and I are training for a half marathon on July 12 in the big city of Missoula Montana--I'm really really looking forward to it. I've been running as well as doing my Jillian Michael's workout videos.

Those of you who have been my roomate, or have ever worked out with me know that I workout like there is no tomorrow. I don't believe in working out without sweating like crazy and feeling like I have nothing left at the end. Such was my workout 2 days ago with Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism video. Everything was going really well-good strong workout, and then I guess I just lost my focus and completely rolled my ankle outward with all my weight on it, and heard many cracks in the process. It did not immediately hurt an I could still walk on it, so I tried not to think too much of it-though I knew I had never done anything like that to my ankle before. Yesterday it was a little tight but nothing I could not handle, and then last night Jared and I went for a long bikeride downtown, and I thought to myself..."hmmm, my leg is kind of tight" and I reached down to touch my ankle to find it was swollen bumpy and bruised! Last night I elevated the ankle and tried to stay off of it for the evening, and I iced it already today. My fear is that there will be a long recovery time or that I hurt it more then I originally thought! I have heard horror stories about ankle injuries that stick around for a long time, and I just don't think I could handle that!

I guess I'll see how it is doing in the next few days and will try to find the nurse that goes to our church tomorrow!

~Angela M.


Rachel said...

Oh no! Ankles are kind of important in the running process!!! I'm sorry about your injury - praying it gets better ASAP and doesn't cause you problems. By the way - can't believe you do the jillian videos - I did about 2 of them and thought I was going to DIE!!! She is hard core.

I had a crummy week of training last week and am feeling discouraged - wondering if I can really do this. I don't start my official program until June since my 1/2 isn't until Sept. but I'm already second guessing myself! That may not be the best way to start :)

Keep us posted on the ankle! Love you!

Becky Teal said...

Sorry about your ankle! :(

Just be grateful that it's not both of your ankles...Ben actually did that a year ago. Not good.

Love you!