Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well the day finally came---after deciding 3 weeks ago that we were going to do Bloomsday (for those of you who don't know, it's a 7.46 mile, 12k run through Spokane). I've been running fairly ofter during the last few weeks, but had not done more then 4.5 miles. Jared had not done nearly as much running, and I was concerned that I would want to speed through it and we might get frustrated at eachother (hard to imagine I know). Did I mention earlier that Bloomsday is like the biggest timed race in North America or something like that?
Anyways, we started off well, and I felt fantastic for the 1st 4 miles...I was really surprised how easy it felt...and then once I hit mile 5 I was just tired. My legs hurt, my feet hurt my hips hurt...but there is no way I was going to stop. What amazed me and made me so proud was that Jared had to walk for a bit when his foot went numb...and about a mile and a half later he runs up right next to me!!! I couldn't believe he made up all the time!!! What a champ! The last mile was pretty tough for me, but we kept going and finished with a final time of 1 hr. and 4 minutes! I was really hoping to do it in under an hour, but that just gives us a goal for next year:) We had a great time together-I was so proud to do that race with my amazing husband in just over 8.5 min miles.
After we got our shirts and walked around for a bit, we went back through the course and waited for my mom and ran the last half mile with her--she is so great--powering through it all! She definetly did better then her last years time!! We will get all of our "official" results in a week or so I think. So proud of our accomplishments!!
~Angela M.

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Rachel said...

That is amazing! 12k is a stinking long distance!!! You totally rock - thanks for motivating me to go for a run today!