Monday, June 26, 2006

Exerpt from a letter a Jr. High student gave me last night:

"You are my light in my darkness
My shelter in a storm
You gave me strength when I was weak
And Your love to keep me warm
When I was hurting, lost, abused
It was your faith that I had used.
When I was cold, depress, and lonely
I stayed alive by your love only.
When I felt pushed or shunned away
It was your friendship made me stay.
I knew you loved me when you cared
You did what no one else had dared
You took the time to learn
To see what I really am in me
You listened to my thoughts and fears
And helped me wipe away my tears
You helped me learn respect
And love to pray to God my Lord above
You are my light in my darkness
And I hope you see
I'll love you Angela for eternity!"

Let the tears flow! Wow I will miss these students!


Anonymous said...

what an awesome poem, i am so excited to hear that you are coming to crossroads to do the youth program, a new and young twist to this program is just what we need, i can't wait to see what awesome things are in store for our youth, congrats....

sophia silva said...

OMG i gave that to you well it is ture that i miss you so much but i am very happy for you to start your new life with jared you guys are so cool. And i want to thank you for being here when i needed you the most love truley
sophia lorensilva