Monday, August 28, 2006

Change, Change, and more Change-it's all good

I have quite a few friends who totally struggle with change in their lives...change of any kind. What I've come to realize is that change is just a part of life...everything around us constantly changes...everything except Christ that is. So I've made a resolution with myself...I will embrace change my entire life through...whether it's moving, or turning another year older. And I rejoice and embrace in the unchanging God that I love and follow!

So with the many things that have been going on-this is why I have not updated my blog in forever:
July 20 marked my last day working at Light and Life Christian Fellowship-man I still miss those Jr. High student!
July 21 I had a wedding shower at RB's! Janelle and the girls did an amazing job and it was a really fun time with some great friends! Man I miss them too!
July 22-24 Jared and I visited with his mom before we moved out here to Michigan. We definetly miss her.
July 24 Jared was baptized by Steve Gerali: a very personal and wonderful time celebrated by me, his mom, Jesse, and the Z's.
July 28 My parents had flown out to CA and drove across the US with me and Jared! We brought a heat wave all the way with us to MI!
August 2 my second nephew was born! Aaron Morgan Teal entered the world to know Christ and love Him with us! I love him so much!
August 4 marked my first day of work at CrossRoads Comm. Church as their Student Ministries Director! I am overjoyed to be working there!
August 10-11 Jared and I drove over to Grand Haven for my friend Lindsey's wedding, where I sang at their beach-side wedding

And a whole bunch of other stuff happened here and there too! And here we are! Thanks God for Change! I embrace it all!

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