Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Many Mice do we house?

The other night I awoke to the sound of Mice in our ceiling tiles. That day, we found mouse poop in our kitchen. Not my favorite moment. So what did we do? Searched the entire kitchen until we found where the stupid thing (s) were coming from-a stinking gap under our lower cupboards!!! Then, Jared set a trap.

4 traps to be exact.

A few hours later, we were watching TV in the other room, and we heard the snap! The sound every home owner who has found a mouse longs to hear! Jared, the brave husband of mine, went face to face with the still twitching mouse and disposed of the stupid thing. Finally I could go into the kitchen again!

So the next morning, there were 2 MORE mice in the traps!!! GROSS!!!!

We have resolved to borrowing a friends cat for a few days. That ought to do the trick.

(by the way, I was totally praying that we would catch the mice. Thanks God)


karen (gonyou) robertson said...

i just read you post to Gab on the phone. We are both laughing very hard:)

Megan said...

So sorry to hear you are sharing your home with mice. We had that problem in our old house. We got cats and that seemed to get rid of them. We had those sticky traps once and a cat got one of the traps stuck to her and she took off running all around the house all the while you could hear the plastic trap hitting the floor, it has hillarious (but not for the cat). So don't mix sticky traps and cats (unless of course you want a laugh.... just kidding).

glennteal said...

The whole praying to kill the mouse thing is so like your mother.

Renee Drew said...

We have a cat, and she recently caught a mouse, but didn't kill it. She just thought it was a fun toy. Traps have caught a couple. Mice are sneaky little critters, and somehow manage to get in where it's warm. My personal theory is that all God's creatures have a place on this earth, but NOT IN MY HOUSE!!