Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Operation 6 months No Sugar Underway:

January 2, I started my second annual fast from sugar. No I am not going extreme, I know there is sugar in just about everything from bread and pasta to yogurt, but I have cut out all sweets-ice cream, cookies, sweet breads, candy, juice with added sugar etc. I do use honey and agave as a replacement in oatmeal, and some recipes. (side note, I NEVER use artificial sweetners---they are worse for your overall health and are proven to have negative side effects such as CANCER!)

Last year, I went from January 2 until April 22 on my birthday. This year I want to push myself to do 6 months (for those of you who may have trouble with the math that is until June 2). The first few days as always difficult-especially since I work at starbucks, but I always notice great benefits from having more energy, sleeping better, and losing weight. It's pretty awesome to say "this double chocolate brownie with ice cream and fudge is not worth my health" (well sometimes it is;)

Taking out sugar from my diet also makes the transition to the Daniel Fast we will do for the lent season easier.

Anyone who wants to join me in this venture please let me know! I know sometimes it seems impossible, but I love being in control of my own body---you can be too:)!!!

~Angela M.


Ericka Bettge said...

I also love being in control of my body and not letting it control me. I notice that when I eat sugar I am easily irritated and my body generally tenses up. Cutting out sugar makes me feel more healthy overall..

alex said...

I will support you by consuming all of the sugar that you were going to eat so that it won't be a temptation to you.

kt said...

I'm doing this too....& it will move right into the 40 day fast after Valentine's. Good for you Angela!