Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside:

Winter time is always a challenge for myself and probably many others in terms of exercising. I'm a runner--but I HATE running when it's freezing cold out, and hours are limited by sunlight. Also, since Jared and I are saving up every penny so we can pay of his Master's work debt free, we do not have a gym membership.

Problem: No running, biking, swimming, or gym.

Solution: Jillian Michaels

About a year ago I first found Jillian's workouts on comcast ondemand. I have since become an addict-
Here is my review on the one I do most often: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (which is great because you don't need anything but a little space)

The workout begins with a little 5 min. warm up: (sidenote, one of the great things about this workout is that she gives explanations behind things like why you should not raise your hands above your heart while running etc.)

She then goes into 7 different circuits each with about 5-6 repeating moves.
The first circuit is kickboxing: kicking and punching, which I think is fantastic--it really gets your heart rate up there in a hurry.
2nd Circuit is balistic craziness: burpees, 180 jumps, 1 legged hops. By the end of this one I am usually way out of breath.
3rd circuit is callistetics, butt kicks, high knees, leg raises. Nice rest time during the leg raises.
4th Circuit is abs and butt all on the floor. Anything from supermans, to oblique crunches.
5th circuit It think is back to kick boxing stuff-more kicks and punches
6th circuit This is the toughest one and I just want to stop throughout the whole things, but I don't. Jump squats and a bunch of other mean stuff (like standing mountain climbers...ugh)
7th circuit is some punching, knee crunches, and jump rope.

Then there is a cool down and that is it! Beware, this workout is not for the beginner! It is extremely high intensity and if you are pretty fit, I have found you can always modify to make things more difficult. Part of what makes this so difficult is the fact that there is no resting at all. I highly recommend this workout to anyone who likes to workout at home or just needs a change of pace and needs something challenging!

The 2 girls doing the workout with her are disgustingly in-shape, and of course so is Jillian so it is a great motivation too:)

My favorite quote from Jillian in this workout is: "I want you to feel like you're going to die!"

~Angela M.

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Ericka Bettge said...

I think I'm going to try it tonight! After my workout in the gym...