Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The End of No Shave November:

Well at the end of the month of Jared growing out his beard, he decided tonight to shave it off...in incriments of course. Here are the results. Feel free to vote on your favorite!

~Angela M.


Matt said...

If he could simply grow a mullet and keep the sweet handlebar mustache beard combo i believe you could be married to the last true 'Merican. (like American, but more redneck)

Chaffin Family said...

I like facial hair and I thought he looked kind of cool with the handle bar thing. I agree with Matt and think he should go for the mullet to complete the look.

Becky said...

Aaron is saying "Let's see him" and Evan is saying "That's uncle Jared" We miss you...but not Jared gross facial hair.

Crydo said...

Awesome - all of them made me laugh.
I kept thinking of Jared being on the "Choppers" show!