Sunday, November 30, 2008

Acts 1

Jared and I are a part of a married couples small group that meets every Thursday night. We really enjoy the fellowship and opportunity to discuss different questions we have about faith and life. We are really looking forward to our upcoming study on the book of Acts. A few years ago (back when I was in that was a while ago!) I had done a study through the book and really really loved it! There is so much depth, amazing stories, the beginning of "the church", the filling of the Holy Spirit etc. Tonight in preparation for the study we read Acts 1 together and started discussing different questions we have about the Holy Spirit such as:

-Is the Holy Spirit something we inherit when we "accept Jesus"? Or is there a defining moment that occurs later on?
-Since the Holy Spirit is at work prior to the New Testament, why did the disciples not have the Holy Spirit until Jesus left?
-Is there a difference between feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit?
-As seen in the OT (see 1 Samuel 19) what's with an evil spirit coming from the Lord?
-What does evidence of the Holy Spirit look like?
-How come the filling of the Holy Spirit moment for the disciples is recorded while not for others? Did it look differently for others? Does it look differently today?

Just a few simple questions we've been tossing stuff and lots of thinking. I know there is now simple answer to any of these, but I know it's good to think about the Lord and to become conformed to be more like Him! I look forward to our study!!
~Angela M.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Hi Angela,
I got your message on my blog last week, and I'm finally getting back to you!
Thanks for taking the time to say "hi"! How wonderful that adoption is on your heart...we are loving this journey we're on!

Rachel said...

Hey Ang -
I'm excited you're starting that study! We are studying through Acts in our youth group right now. What an amazing book! Hope you enjoy the study!