Sunday, November 9, 2008

Communion Bread:

So today at church we took communion at the end of the service. Everything was going really well-we were singing some songs, worshipping the Lord. Good times. Then as dad came up at the end of the service and says this "I apologize to those of you who didn't get to take communion today due to the fact that we ran out of bread. I was desperately racing around trying to find some more bread, so I ran into the kitchen, threw open the fridge and saw some pizza dough. I stuck it in the microwave to see if I could get it to work...but it didn't."
Lots and lots of laughter:)

~Angela M.


alex said...

great story. wish we could have been there.

Chaffin Family said...

Darn I was home sick and missed that. I wish I could have been there. God has a great sense of humor!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

that's hilarious! sorry I didn't get a chance to call you back... I'll try tomorrow!

Crydo said...

Oh, that makes me so happy!
Remember the communion meltdown at CrossRoads? Just after GHT moved - our first communion without him: we ran out of juice. Awkward.