Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well tonight we watched as the final 3 couples in the Amazing Race competed for the million dollar prize. As usual, my heart was racing and I thought I was going to be sick just watching the tight race between Nick and Starr (the deserving winners) and Ken and Tina. (fortunately the "frat boys" who have been both annoying and weird were not even close throughout the last leg of the race)

We were thrilled at the beginning of the show to find out that part of the race today took place at Tilikum Camp in Newburg, Oregon--a camp sponsered by George Fox University where Jared worked at during the summer of 06. The racers actually went on the very high ropes course Jared ran the entire summer long! (sidenote--We decided that Jared is basically famous now)

After teams traveled from Russia to Portland and drove to Tilikum Camp, completed the high ropes course, they then went on to zip line off this huge bridge to this little island thingy. It looked super fun, but my favorite moment was as we were watching it my mom goes "Oh no!! He's going upside down!". Which I guess she thought was scary, but it's actually a lot of fun and very safe.

The teams then had to do what I thought was the hardest part of this leg of the race--they had to find a picture from 150 different clue boxes that corresponded to a clue from an earlier part of the race. It looked so exhausting! We were really excited the race at this point was so close between Ken and Tina and Nick and Starr--it made for a very interesting finish!

(It was at this point that Jared moved to a different chair because he said I was squeezing his arm to tightly)

Next the teams had to go to the city of Portland where it was basically a series of clues and a foot/cab race. Our whole family cheered as we saw Nick and Starr run across that finish line! What an awesome brother and sister they are! They have been so nice to each other this entire race--very cool.
Ken and Tina seemed just a few minutes behind them, and what ended up being the coolest part of the night, they both put their wedding rings back on (after being seperated for 9 months) and both agreed to make their marriage amazing. It was an awesome moment:)

Oh ya, and the frat boys came across the finish line later--a lot later---

~Angela M.


Rachel said...

Maybe you and Jared should sign up to be in the next Amazing would be so much fun to watch!!!

alex said...

did you know that nick and starr's last name is spangler? no joke, they were on regis this morning. starr spangler.

and she's dating dallas. his last name?? Imbimbo. no joke again.